Me in Memory

I left it lying over there, it’s right there in plain view

Just a little part of me I left, and I left it there for you

I know that you will find it, you’ll wonder how you missed

And then you will remember me, and how we once had kissed


I left the part you wanted most, the one you never knew

I left it there on purpose, it was the only thing to do

I know someday you’ll find it, you’ll go racing through your mind

And there’s one thing that you will find, the love I left behind


So find the part of me I left behind, hold it gently to your heart

I’ll feel when you have done this, it’s a feeling that is smart

I hope for you the very best, in everything you say and do

And someday when you’re all alone, you’ll feel an “I love you”


It’s only the me in memory, it will come visit for a while

Soft and silent, smooth as silk, hoping that you’ll smile

And if a smile should kiss your lips, I’d then feel oh so fine

I’d know it doesn’t matter, that I can cross the silent line


And when I leave this earth, I know, that you will go with me

At least, a part of you, I know, and no one will ever see

I’ll keep you well protected, sheltered from all eyes and ears

And never once has anyone ever seen our silent tears


I’ll be the star on a winter’s night that you can barely see

I’ll be the cloud so fluffy or the whisper in the trees

I’ll be the breeze that holds you when your body’s hot and dry

I’ll be the cheek that’s there for you when you cannot help but cry


You’ll feel me when you’re sleeping, I’ll visit in your dreams

You’ll feel me every moment, in the mountains and the streams

I’ll hold you close beside me, like you’ve never know before

And I’ll never ever let you go, my love, forevermore.


Betty Ann Whitley

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