Love Really Is All Around If You Look With Spiritual Eyes

Love is the most potent and powerful force in the universe. You came into the world in love and you are received in the next with the same love that bore you in the first instance. Unfortunately in this plane of existence, love seems such a misused term and futile searches often turn up nothing. However, it is around you in all of your life and the love you have for those on the Otherside of life still exists with the same burning passion that you gave when they were in the material. The love of a child or the love of a beloved pet is the same powerful force that permeates life from the heavens above to the to the material realm of life, there is no change in the flow of love from divine love. Each day, you have a choice to witness this with your spiritual eyes or remain blinded by the material perceptions of illusion. You can choose love if you wish, for like you and your loved ones on the Otherside, Love is eternal.

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