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Forge the Chain Of Love

My message this month was all about the links that we forge in life. Therefore, I would like to bring this same theme to those of you who are grieving because I know that you feel your links have gone or that you have broken that link. What’s worse is if you think you caused the break,  perhaps because of a disagreement or at worse a sudden passing.

If you have had less than an adequate relationship with the Individual, who passed or perhaps that you harbor some guilt because of weakness in your relationship, you will automatically consider that your links are broken. This is debilitating and can cause you to slow up your journey through your grief – becoming blind to the light that is in front of you and shutting off your emotions.

The worse case of this will happen when your loved one has been snatched from you suddenly, and you will be unable to face the reality that your loved one is not there. The door is always watched waiting on them to come home or the phone to ring, and if it is a son or daughter, you long for those little arguments that make your life. Consequently, because of the terrible event and the sudden loss that you experience, those links feel obliterated, and perhaps that can conjure the worst aspects of your grief when everything around you seems black.

The reality is that you are your own forge, and those links that you forge will never be put asunder. Your loved ones, even on passing to the other side recognize the strength of these links that were forged under a hammer and anvil of love. They are desperately trying to link that forged love link to you and let you know that your links are not broken. The links you feel that have gone are only hiding until you can lift the foggy veil that you alone are behind. They await your adjoining of your link, and even though they recognize that you feel lost, they patiently wait for you to awaken.

Spirit Links

How I would love to take your grief personally from you, but you have to go through that journey in order to grow in spirit. However, knowing that your links are still there and are indestructible will help you to forge new links. These will help you to recognize that your loved ones are reaching from beyond to let you know that you are loved, they are there and there is no separation.

There are many ways that you can forge new temporary links that will create the chain that will take you the indestructible love that exists between you and your loved ones.

  • Links of Compassion
  • Links Of Love
  • Links Of Forgiveness
  • Links Of Understanding

Your loved ones will then send their own links back to you, and those can be as subtle as;

  • An odor you recognize
  • The gentle touch when you are calm
  • A butterfly to tempt you,
  • Gifts from spirit that you don’t expect.
  • Music sent to you when you least expect it.

In order to recognize these things, one has to come to a level of awareness, and that comes from taking some time to contemplate, meditate and pray. Don’t expect anything to happen instantly as time is something you have, and if you are not ready emotionally you will push things away from you. As you begin to contemplate or pray and feel it from your heart, you will awaken the spirit within that speaks the language of the soul. Then you are ready to create that link.

One of the easiest ways to create your links is to visualize them being created and how you will do this will be up to you. It could be a vision of a balloon with the word on it ascending to heaven, or it could be a golden link that you forge in your minds eye to that will await the next one and each representing a particular feeling, emotion or thought. Another method is to write about your link and create it on paper. This very act of concentrating on the words, you will write will also calm your soul in order that you can be reached and awakened.

It is up to you how you forge your chain of love, which is not broken. You have not lost it. It is there and is eternal. Now go back the first article I wrote and learn to use the breath to forge your links once more.

Links are forged whether you are a believer or not!

It does not matter if you are a believer or if you are a skeptic. Spirit will reach out with their links and try to awaken you. I have a family member that was very skeptical and on the passing of our loved one – they felt all was lost. One day when sitting at the dining table doing the same thing that our loved one did regularly, he felt a touch on his head that was unmistakable. No one else was in the home, and his knowing of the touch brought so much comfort to his soul as he said “Hi Dad.”

It is your turn, pick up the hammer of love go to the anvil of compassion and forge your links.

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