Leslie Flint – Direct Voice Medium

Leslie Flint a Mini biography Part 1.

A long time ago I was taken by friends to meet Mr Leslie Flint a direct voice medium.

Leslie Himself said “I think I can say I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced, I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life external.”

Leslie had a difficult early life and recalled how his first psychic encounter and describing this to his gran resulted in “a great clout from her.”

He had described a soldier a husband of an aunt, shortly after that he received another  after describing a “dead” neighbor.

Leslie had a great friendship with Rudolph Valentino after the silent screen actors death.

Leslie was the greatest direct voice medium ever. In meeting him I saw a gentleman who was lacking in ego, affable and very easy with the world. Perhaps there is one reason why…

Leslie had known really poverty indeed his jobs included grave digging, cleaning greatest, as well as working in a cinema, pub and believe it or not aa a bomb disposal officer. one reason why he was in a circle as a young boy was because he went to a “posh house” and got tea and cakes.

During the war Leslie was a conscientious  objector. It is a stance I myself take and would much rather give mine than take another whether deliberately or by accident. It is something that I had proposed many times to spirit.

I believe with very few exceptional circumstances should life be taken. However we all have a part to play in life and while many have pronounced to be that it is completely abhorrent to them that they have killed one or many in another life it has to be said that in the experiences we call existence in this or the other world, we need to be fully rounded, experienced in all matters of life and this is the purpose of life itself.

There may be of course a recording apart from the hanging judges, Lords Birkett and Birkenhead who whilst they did not kill off themselves but carried the heavy duty of the law at the time, I do not know if any murderers have come back through direct voice to talk of their experiences and reasons. It would be fascinating.

There are so many recordings in fact over 6,000 Mr Larry Taylor informed me, it must surely be one of the biggest libraries of the direct voice in the world? Sadly, there appears to be disarray so that along with old tapes that have disintegrated some are I fear completely lost.

It is interesting to know that Leslie’s first proper introduction to a spiritualist meeting was at a Quakers hall (Meeting house) sadly today the Quakers seem for the most part adverse to us…

Leslie was seventeen at the time. The medium, a Mrs Annie Johnson pointed to Leslie at the back…

Mrs Johnson gave evidence of which we seem to have so little of these days…”There is a man here who wants you to thank you for the flowers you put on his grave this morning. He was a schoolmaster and his name was Edwin Lewis. Go you understand this?”

Leslie received some time after a letter from Germany .The letter in eccentric english from a woman said that a spirit called Rudolf Valentino had contacted her and gave her his (Leslie’s) name and address. The message was simple… That he wanted Leslie to develop his mediumship and be of service to his fellow men.

Leslie was quite flabbergasted. Why him? He did of course, accept the challenge. Leslie also sat as materialization form of physical medium for a short while. He sat in red light so that he and the materialized forms could be seen clearly.

This was found to detract from the strength of the direct voice and so the guides decided for Leslie to reach as many people as he should that materializations should stop and concentrate on direct voice.

Leslie first sat with Mrs. Cook. From the very first sitting he went into a trance. Although he himself felt very warm in the room so that while he felt great wellbeing, he fell asleep. Leslie was very apologetic when he woke up and while everyone else seemed to have enjoyed what he felt he missed, Leslie was sad to have missed what went on not realizing at first that he was a natural medium.

That first circle came to an abrupt end for Leslie. While Mrs Cook’s guide Shu Shu came through and wanted to do the dance she did at the temple of Isis Leslie struggled valiantly with fits of laughter until he could hold it no longer… He was banished from the circle and vowed to give up mediumship altogether.

I am sure we have all undergone something similar, the wanting to do well, the effort and seemingly, spirit drawing the whole to an end, haven’t we?

Born in St Albans Leslie also worked in a pub in Barkingside the Fairlop Oak which I know…

His next circle was with Mrs Mundin, here Leslie did feel out of place, this was a step up into the posh end of life tea served with delicate cups and silver service. Immediately Leslie advanced and after many months became clairvoyant those who spoke through him were not now friends and relatives, people were coming through to talk of philosophy and other subjects.

Leslie’s first public appearance as a medium was again when he was completely taken out of it and a guide came through called white wing… Quite quickly

Leslie developed his direct voice mediumship for which he is world-renowned.

After a superb demonstration, Leslie met a Mr Noah Zerdin who had at that time was the head of the Link association of circles. Later the Noah’s Ark Society was formed.

Mr Zerdin told Leslie that mediumship such as his was rare indeed.

This concludes the first part of the Flint mini biography.

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