Learning Signs and Symbols From the Spirit World

signs from spirit

Our loved ones in the hereafter are with us often, and they try to let us know that. They’re with us when we need or want them to be, or when they want to be here. Aside from special moments like the holidays, weddings, or birthdays, our Spirit loved ones also visit us during mundane times. And it’s usually during these uneventful moments when we aren’t inundated with a lot of things around us that we become aware of the subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle signs that Spirit is with us.

signs from spiritWhat I know first-hand from Spirit is they give us signs of their presence when they’re visiting. And when we’re able to acknowledge the signs and symbols coming from them, (e.g., we say, “Thank you, Dad – I know you’re here,”) they become elated. They feel tremendous joy when we know they’re here, because it takes a lot of work and effort for them to energetically affect something or someone here in the physical world.

People often ask how, without being a trained Medium, they can receive signs and symbols from the other side – they want to know how to become aware of the spirit world. The easiest and quickest way is to learn the signs and symbols that Spirit loved ones use often to connect with us here in the physical world. I can’t tell you how many people miss the signs simply because they don’t know what they’re looking for.

Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

Sometimes signs our loved ones give us when they’re here can be quite obvious – loud or abrupt even. An example of some of these un-ignorable signs might include an object shifting or moving – like a picture of your loved one on the mantle, and while you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, it falls on its side. Another sure sign might be a radio turning on, seemingly on its own, and low-and-behold a song, that reminds you of your loved one in Spirit, is playing. Signs can even include a physical sensation, like the feeling that someone is touching you lightly on your shoulder, or you feel a tingling sensation – like goosebumps – somewhere on your body, but you aren’t cold. Spirit will even show them in the form of quick flash of light – as fast as the blink of any eye. Some Spirit loved ones even show themselves in their human-form. All of these experiences with Spirit are their way of saying to you, “I’m here – I love you, and I still exist”.

There are many other common signs from Spirit, that once pointed out, are easy to recognize. They include things like thinking about your loved one randomly and seemingly out of nowhere (this means they are near you). You could have the telephone ring, and on call-display, you might see a number such as 012-345-6789 or 000-000-0000. When you pick up the phone, no one is there. Or a butterfly or bird might catch your eye or come unusually close to you. A dime or penny might be found in an unexpected place, or children may make reference to a loved one they never met or can’t remember. You might see or hear a loved one’s name somewhere unanticipated, like on a license plate. Glancing at the clock as it strikes 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, or another repetitive number is another sure sign that Spirit is near you. Spirit may also give a sign that is very unique to them. For example, a sign from my Father, when he’s near, is the Eiffel Tower, which relates to something special to me. They can also transmit the perception of a scent to us – like a perfume, aftershave, or even cigarette or cigar smoke.

The ways, that Spirit can communicate with us, are really unbound – infinite in so many ways. The more we learn about the ways Spirit can send signs to us, and certainly the more we experience them, the vaster, unique, and specific the signs will become. It’s like the old idea that the more we acknowledge something, the more present that ‘something’ becomes in our life. And signs and symbols from Spirit are no exceptions.

I encourage you to share with others these common signs and symbols from the Spirit world. There are so many people who have no idea they are supported by their dearly departed, and it may just brighten their day or their life, to learn or experience the signs for themselves.




  1. Mary Anne Kennedy, Thank you for posting such valuable and helpful information for those of us who truly are looking for signs. It is so true that when we are busy, we miss so much, but when we have time for reflection, we notice so much more. Many people see special license plates. Perhaps, in the near future, you might consider writing about exactly how that works.

    • Thank you Cristina. It’s wonderful this article resonated with you and helped in some way! Yes, I will absolutely continue to write about the topic – it’s something that spirit talks about in messages to their loved ones all the time because it’s so important. All the best!


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