Introduction to Zeta Communications

For the past several years, we have accumulated a number of interviews with extraterrestrial beings speaking through Paul Hamden, the medium. To make a connection, beings from the Zeta race create a preparatory state for Paul. When he enters into this state, they take over and the Zeta or another ET speaks through him using his speech apparatus. Most often the ET is from the Zeta race, but other races come through as well. Each brings a distinct energy into the room that even some sitters can distinguish. Of all the races, the Zeta beings bring the most information and will answer almost any question they are asked. The complexity and consistency of the responses are part of the evidence an outsider can use to judge whether or not the contact is an external entity.

Unusual phenomena associated with the Zetas offer further evidence that they are not merely the expression of a suppressed personality. When he was younger Paul was visited up close, in the presence of witnesses, by a craft with Zeta beings visible on board. More recently, Paul and others witnessed the landing of a partially dematerialized craft and heard footsteps of the ETs on the gravel around their position. Also, during communication sessions with the Zetas, sitters have occasionally remarked on transfigurations where they see a Zeta face overlaying Paul’s face.

Since beginning the project with Paul, William has had a number of experiences that appear to be related to the Zetas. The night before the initial interview with a Zeta via Paul on an internet chat facility, he was awakened by a brief whole-body buzzing sensation, later acknowledged by the Zeta as preparation for the contact. Two months later, he felt a similar sensation while resting in the afternoon before a conversation with a Zeta that evening. And again, four months later, he awoke during the night to several surges of energy throughout the body – rapid onset and gradual ebbing. This was later confirmed by a Zeta to Paul as an attempt to “push me along”. There were two brief telepathic visual/emotional communications that were from a Zeta, judging from the contents. Also, a strong abdominal sensation lasting about 15 min came at a very inconvenient time. It was later recognized as a signature of higher vibrational energy normally associated with beings from the energetic realms. Finally, physical effects occurred that included an apparent poltergeist event often associated with ET visitations according to a survey by Marden. Some time later, temporary interference with the operation of two mobile phones lasted about one day. Interestingly, the interference occurred only within a radius of a few blocks from his home.

William interviewed the main Zeta contacts several times over the internet chat facility, and more interviews were held in person during two wonderful visits to Australia. Also, a number of interviews were recorded where unidentified sitters asked many excellent questions, and we thank them for that. Much of the information received is documented in the books, “Alien Interaction Trilogy” and “A primer of the Zeta race” (PDF).

As indicated by its name, this column is concerned with a “consciousness space” – a multidimensional space with certain attributes that is the locus of all experience. It is not spatial in the way we normally understand it, and we can only imagine it as a mathematical concept. Our familiar 3D space and its contents are constructs created in this multidimensional space. How this came to be was explained in conversations with the Zeta beings concerning matter and the process of creation.

To be clear, “consciousness space” is our own term proposed as a meaningful alternative to what the Zetas chose to call “one source energy”, using Paul Hamden’s word pool. This non-physical multidimensional energy is aware of its own existence; that is, it has consciousness. The Zetas understand that the energy of consciousness space is the essential nature of all that is. They say everything that exists is a configuration of this energy. For example, “Source consciousness has within it definitive barriers and boundaries for what may exist. There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it, all forms, all shapes, all existence is determined by this process. All matter would disintegrate without this. There would be no planets, there would be no universe, it is held together by consciousness.“

The “barriers and boundaries” in consciousness space alludes to some kind of organization within it. We learned that the multiple dimensions of consciousness space are imbued with the attribute of love. A given level of consciousness is a property of any element of consciousness space, and refers to an ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. We will see that love is the organizing principle that determines the existence of those “barriers and boundaries”, and is essential to the creation process.

Fragments of the energy of consciousness form what the Zetas call a “group soul”. The individual souls in the group soul are ultimately composed of various facets of energy we call spirits. In the Zeta’s words, “The soul belongs to a class of energies which distinguishes it from all other conscious entities in the universe. It is self-aware and understands its distinctiveness. The soul is multifaceted and incarnates in many states of being in many realms while still remaining one entity.”

The facets of souls have different experiences in consciousness space at many levels of consciousness. The Zetas believe that “the source energy has created multiple timelines and existences and dimensional processes for the ability to understand self; it is learning from facets of existence. We are all connected to each other on all levels.” Further, “All beings are of a life force nature, striving for experience, comparison.”

So the purpose of existence is for the self-aware source energy to evolve and learn. Since we are all interconnected facets of this source energy, its purpose is our purpose. There is a pressure to evolve in a specific direction. That is, there is an innate desire in all the facets of the soul to become part of a collective or group consciousness in a higher state of love.

This blog will address various aspects of the energetic realm such as the nature of spirit realm, incarnation, the ascension process, and zeta technology. We will discuss how the material world is integrated with the energetic realms, and how physical mediumship phenomena such as apports occur. And we will discuss why we are getting all this attention from the Zetas and other races.

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