I Don’t Believe In Life After Death


Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason that I don’t believe is because I know there is life after death. You see, to believe in something implies following a pattern of someone else’s perception, but to know is divine.

In our society there are many perceptions, and often when we grieve, the question of, “Is there life after death?” or “Where do they go when they die?” is often the mainstay of someone’s thought process, or a thought that occupies every second of every day. There’s an inherent fear that suffocates you and that is, “What if there’s nothing, what if my loved ones are gone and that’s it?” The very thought that you will not see or feel your loved ones again is unthinkable, an spiraling unending pain that is often too hard to face and deal with. The very point of life seems wasted and so we stop valuing ourselves, we retreat into our shells because that’s the place where we feel safe and, of course, no one really understands our grief. We believe that our grief will always exist, but in reality that is not the case.


There is a philosophy in Buddhism that suggests that life and everything within life is interconnected and at the same time – impermanent, meaning that everything is a conditioned existence, transient and in constant change. In reflection, this can also help us to understand that grief is also impermanent and will not always exist in its current form, but will of course change in continuous motion. This Buddhist perception is also called Anicca or Anitya, which is ancient sanskrit and asserts the idea of transience.

It is a fact that when we grieve, our emotions are in a state of transience, always changing and moving from one state to the other. No-one can say how long or how fast you should move through these states of being and how you should react. Nevertheless, understanding and having an awareness of the impermanence of grief can actually help you to understand how to move through it and how you can begin to experience a new energy that will allow you to reach into the state of harmony between yourself, your grief and your loved ones. It is time to learn the language of the soul.

The Language Of The Soul

You have language, you understand your language in your current form but you have forgotten your true language. This is the language of the soul, the reality of your existence and part of the divine essence that is you and animates you and has brought you into being by natural spiritual law. So how does this have anything to do with grief? The answer is very simple. Learning the language of the soul will help you not only move through the grieving process faster, but also help you touch the void of the spirit to cross the bridge between the material and the spiritual and meet your loved ones on the other side of life.

So this language is not one that anyone can teach you, it is already within you and is as simple as awakening to the spirit within. We have all heard of those signs that are around you that help you to understand or recognize the connection of your loved ones such as:

  • Animal signs
  • Dreams
  • Smells
  • Energy
  • Music
  • Synchronicities
  • Visual Awareness
  • Auditory Awareness

Of course, there is much more, but that a start. The truth is that in order to change anything in life, one must have an awareness. However, that awareness is only scratching the surface between the physical and the spiritual. One must learn to become aware of the awareness and though that may sound rather strange, it is easier to understand it from recognition of the divine authority and power that you hold. Becoming aware of the awareness is going beyond your breathing, which is actually one of the best techniques to learn how to deal with grief and connect with your loved ones – learn how to breathe.

There is a subtle change that happens when we awaken this awareness and one begins to find that knowing the reality of spirit and divinity becomes very real. You begin to notice those subtle nuances that are manifested from the world of spirit and in that recognition you get one stage further in becoming even more aware of spirit and the power you hold.

Breakthrough In Knowing

At this juncture, you have taken a massive leap forward and experienced that spiritual breakthrough and awakening of the soul. The signs that you now experience and the interconnectedness between you and spirit means that you now know the reality of life after death. How communication and language of your divine being is a right and a divine truth – even a purpose. You now do not believe in life after death, you know there is life after death because you understand the language of the soul.



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