I Am Dying!

On Death and Dying – A Perspective

I am dying! Yes, that is what I said. Do I say that to encourage sympathy from you? No I don’t, as all of us are dying. From the moment of our birth into this plane of existence, we are dying.

Does that sound morbid? Well it’s not meant to it is just a simple fact of our physical existence here on earth.

Why do I make this statement? Well for one thing it is something we shy away from, the end of our physical life. For some the prospect fills us with a terrible fear that one day we will actually die.

Why should that be? Well for one reason many people simply do not know what awaits us after so called death. We can all be glib and say that as we have been good we will go to heaven. But what is heaven? Is it a real place or is it a state of mind?

As a medium I know certain things about the state of existence in the life to come, but I do not expect everyone to have the knowledge that I have garnered over thirty years of research and indeed, development.

How do I know these things? Simply because the folk who live in the next realms tell us what it is like there.

To go back to my original statement, if we are to die then what is the purpose of our existence here, and what’s more why did we come in the first place?

Well part of the answer is to learn and gather experience. Another part is to be of help to your fellow man, in whatever way you can. The sage Silver Birch once said that if you are of help to just one person in your life, then your whole life has been worthwhile.

What Does Religion Say On Death And Dying

Then what about religion? Religion dictates to us and tells us that we must conform to the tenets and rules of that particular religion. Failing to do so will have dire consequences, and we could be consigned to a fiery hell for all time with no hope of any escape or repeal.

All religions follow this path, the path of ruling by fear; hence the term God fearing that was popular in Victorian times and indeed earlier.

Would a so called loving God send anyone to hell just because they did not believe in what the priests tell them? That is the message that is given from the pulpit every Sunday and has been for around 1700 years or so.

Well I say that is all a load of sheer bunkum! Just by having a belief in a religion will not ensure that you have a life in any heaven after this life has ended. Religion binds our minds, so that we are not allowed to think that there may be something else. I know this as there are members of my own family and indeed some friends who are so bound by their beliefs that they will not listen or even consider that someone else may have a slightly different opinion than that which has been forced on them by indoctrination from a very early age.

It begins just after birth when the parents take their newborn babe along to their local church to be baptised or Christened. One cannot really blame the parents as they truly believe that they are ensuring the continued survival of their child should they unfortunately die at an early age. It is only today that children can be almost certain of reaching adulthood, as childhood was fraught with disease which many times was a fatal condition in the past. Simple things that we take for granted today such as the common cold or influenza would invariably prove fatal to children.

So one can understand that the parents wanted to do the best for their children, just in case of an early demise.

I am dying – so what about it?

What has all of this got to do with my statement I am dying? Well it has a lot to do with it when you understand that the reason for the existence of people who practise their belief is exactly like a child earning brownie points from their parents. They have been good today, or have done well at school etc. so they may get some more pocket money or some other treat. They feel better for it and the parent will also thus feel better as they will think they have an extremely good and obedient child.

This carries on into adult life and the priest or vicar takes on the role of the parent. If we do something good then the vicar will tell us so and that by our good deeds we will assure ourselves of a place in heaven and live happily ever afterwards.

Is that it then? Is that what we have to look forward to? A life of bliss in heaven? We really don’t know where this heaven is and we don’t really want to as the vicar has told us we are going there. So we don’t have to think any more about it.

Now we are getting to the bare bones of the matter, we don’t have to think. Why should we? The church and the vicar will do all our thinking for us. So whatever we do between those two points that of our birth and death do not really matter much at all, as long as we believe! Oh yes and we can commit the odd crime along they way as well. It doesn’t matter because we believe and because of that belief our crimes, or sins, will be absolved.

Again I say what a load of bunkum!

Okay I can hear some folk saying that I am coming across as an Atheist. Well far from it. I realise that there is something greater than myself which some refer to as God. I prefer the term used by the Native American people that is Great Spirit. Some refer to the Builder of the Universe or indeed Universes. Whatever we call it we do realise that there is a greater mind than ours at work in the great scheme of things.

An Atheist is one who had no belief in God in any guise and believes in a solely physical existence with nothingness at the end of it. Indeed as one Atheist said to me that there is only oblivion after this life.

What a terrible statement to make for they must surely see nothing of good in this life at all.

If then that I am dying at some point in my future what is then the reason for my being here? In the same vein what is the reason for you being here?

In a nutshell it is to learn and to try to do the best you can, not just for yourself but for your fellow man also and indeed the animal kingdom. There is a plan, although it is not easily understood by many just at this time.

If this physical life is such a short life compared to eternity in the realms of spirit. Then perhaps it is not the real life and this temporary life, or existence is to prepare us for the life to come much in the same way as our life in school as a child helps to prepare us for adult life after we leave school.

So in fact I am not dying! How can I die? How can something that is eternal die? Yes that part of me that is the physical will die or pass away, but that is only our physical form which is not our true form by any means.

So between those two points of our birth and our death into this world, simply do the best you can.


Robin C. Evans

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