Editorial Calendar

We’ve put together this  year’s editorial calendar to serve as a catalyst and guide to help you to respond to the needs of our readers, while allowing you as much editorial freedom as possible. Your contribution to the magazine is an act of love, freely given, and we don’t want to constrain your creativity to fit any agenda beyond serving our readers with the most insightful, enlightening information about your subject matter. Your subject matter expertise may be in modes of healing, or spirit communication, or mindfulness. You may have a personal journey to relate that can help someone on their journey.

The Otherside Press is a spirit-inspired work, and we trust that your contribution is spirit-inspired as well. So, please use the editorial guideline as a launching point for your own expression and creativity.  Each month has a Theme and suggested perspectives that support that theme to inspire and guide you in your written contribution.


The Otherside Press Editorial Calendar 2017
May Theme:

Spiritual Growth

Related Content:

  • Recognizing Limitations
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Prayer
June Theme:

Flowering in Growth

Related Content:

  • Celebrating Spiritual Growth
  • Awakening
  • Fostering Awakening in Others
  • Learning to Shine


July Theme:

Going to Seed

Related Content:

  • Considering the Obstacles
  • Challenges
  • Assessing the Needs
  • Circles
August Theme:

Ripening Fruit

Related Content:

  • Taking Ownership
  • Relinquishing Ownership
September Theme:

Preparing the Harvest

Related Content:

  • Sharing is Not Losing
  • Fulfilling the Dreams
  • Life After Death – The Near    Death Experience
October Theme:

Celebrating Life, Death, and Life

Related Content:

  • The Harvest is In
  • The Veil Thins
  • Hauntings and Darkness
November Theme:


Related Content:

  • A Time of Thanksgiving
  • Thankfulness
December Theme:

A Song of Joy

Related Content:

  • Being at Peace
  • Sharing the Joy
  • Gifts for Everyone!


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