From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong – Pt 1

From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong - Pt 1
the scole experiment
Photographer: Arto Marttinen | Source: Unsplash

A compelling series about how direct guidance from Spirit created The Spiritual Science Foundation in Spain.

By Robin P Foy

November 1998. The month when our world fell apart!

That is exactly how it felt when the unique, pioneering ‘Scole Experiment‘ ended quite suddenly and unexpectedly after 5 years of the most amazing Physical Mediumship phenomena that we had ever witnessed in our 25 years of intimate and sustained involvement in this field.

Can you imagine exactly what it feels like to lose your entire family; suddenly, and without prior warning? That is exactly what losing our wonderful Spirit Team felt like!

Coming Soon: The Scole Movie

From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong - Pt 1 1

The ‘Scole Experiment’ has since become quite famous for its pioneering role – and the role of our beloved Spirit Team – in introducing a new way of producing physical phenomena to mainstream Psychic Research. So much so, that a big-screen Scole Movie is planned about our historic project, based on the book The Scole Experiment by authors Grant and Jane Solomon.

The mind-blowing, often unique phenomena that we witnessed over more than 1,000 hours of sitting during the experimental Scole years was produced by using only a mix of 3 different types of energy dubbed ‘Creative Energy’ by our Spirit Team. This method has since been named and recognized as Energy-Based phenomena, as opposed to the more traditional Ectoplasm-based phenomena that was practiced widely over the previous 150 years of Physical Mediumship. Energy-based phenomena is now becoming increasingly popular with groups who set out to develop physical mediumship and its stunning objective results.

In the ‘stunned’ months immediately following the final sittings of the ‘Scole Experiment’, all four of us Scole Group members presented public seminars for interested people and researchers which set out the hard work and achievements of our Scole Spirit Team.

From the video footage taken during the live sessions at Scole, Alan Bennett edited together a superb compilation of some of our phenomena, together with animated images of ET beings that visited us during the Experiment – leaving pictures of themselves behind for us to see. There were also a number of pictures of the Spirit World itself – including animated trees and fields, plus pyramids similar to those in ancient Egypt. None of these videos and still images had previously been released to the public.

It was during the first of these seminars that we met the authors Grant and Jane Solomon, who had never sat with us – but were still so taken by the Scole results. Their enthusiasm compelled them to write a book about us entitled ‘The Scole Experiment’, which became a bestseller. It was Grant and Jane who coined the phrase ‘The Scole Experiment’ and the title has since stuck.

Such was the interest in the ‘Scole Experiment’ that in the two years following its demise, many different people and groups from all over the world arrived on our Scole doorstep uninvited, expecting to interview us and be entertained. Despite a large number of rubberneckers, however, many really were serious experimenters and researchers themselves.

We also received numerous offers from several either amateur or quasi professional film makers and documentary makers to take part in their proposed films and documentaries. No payment was ever offered for our services or cooperation in their projects. Most simply wanted to make a name for themselves by getting involved in reporting the special and unique Scole results from their own angle.

‘The Afterlife Investigations’

From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong - Pt 1 2

We turned the majority of these potential documentary projects down on the spot as few seemed genuine and none offered our own editorial freedom. However, we decided to jointly cooperate in the making of Tim Coleman and Dan Drasin’s Documentary ‘The Afterlife Investigations‘ about Scole.

This film was completed by Tim Coleman and has since proved to be a major informational documentary, showcasing amazing evidence of the afterlife which we gathered during our five-year experiment.

The Afterlife Investigations has been seen by millions of people over the years, and played an instrumental role in changing the views of many people who were previously committed skeptics!

I was asked to take part in radio and TV interviews, which I happily did (without any payment). There were also invitations for me to lecture on Scole in Columbus, Ohio, in the USA (which I did on two separate occasions), and another in Budapest, Hungary, which I also did. I appeared at a number of psychic seminars by invitation. There were articles in the ‘Sunday Times Supplement’; the EDP (Eastern Daily Press) magazine; plus a special Japanese magazine that reported our Scole results and published some of our photos received during sittings via the ‘psychic photography department’ of our Spirit Team.

Uninvited Guests of a Different Kind

One of the very first uninvited visitors after our Experiments had finished, was a dentist from Israel – Doctor Adrian Klein – who has since become a very good friend. On another occasion, a party of eight people arrived one afternoon from Italy. This party included Marcello Bacci (the famous Direct Radio Voice medium) and his wife Marina, together with their friends Emanuel Toriello; Alex Zampieri, with Italian Lawyer Amerigo Festa and their three wives.

Whilst enjoying a drink with this group at the Scole Inn, and in full light, I witnessed the unexpected arrival of a few apported glass trinkets – one of which actually arrived in my own pocket without any of the Italian group touching me!

This meeting resulted in our being invited to Marcello Bacci’s laboratory at Grosseto in Italy (three times in all) to experience Bacci’s impressive Direct Radio Voice phenomena.

As a result of this invitation, and after our initial visit to Italy, two of the party who had visited us at Scole – Emanuel and Alex – became good friends. They worked in the UK for a so that they could join us in starting a new group at Scole, some 18 months after our original Experiment finished in 1998.

Just The Two Of Us

From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong - Pt 1 3

After a few months with our two new sitters, it was obvious that the new group was not going to be successful – but the experience did reawaken our passion for sitting. Although the circle with the Italians did not work out, we went back to the drawing board and started sitting all over again – just Sandra and I.

First of all, we simply sat together on a weekly basis. Very little happened during these sittings until we invited our daughter and grandson to join us. On the few occasions we sat with them in the cellar at Scole, we noticed some reoccurring phenomena.

For example, a ping-pong ball ‘scooted around’ rapidly in a Pyrex bowl on our central table each time they joined us. This got our attention! Although our daughter and grandson were unable to sit with us regularly in the experiments, these early results did give us the motivation to continue.

Then we started to look for other circle members to join us on a regular basis. Up until 2006, we tried all sorts of different combinations of sitters in our new group. Once again, though, most of these produced very little in the way of results. We also started to have private readings with a number of professional mediums to see if we could get any clues from Spirit as to what they wanted us to do.

Finally, at a local spiritual centre near Diss, we came across an evidential deep trance medium called Les Driver. Both of us had short sittings with him and Les was able to put us in touch with some of the Spirit Team we had known at Scole in an evidential way.

This led us to believe that Spirit still had a job for us to do – and that the timing had to be right for us to once again develop some excellent phenomena. It also caused us to visit Les a second time (around 2002) for a private sitting in his home at Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

More accurate revelations came from this joint sitting and it became obvious that we did need to once again start sitting seriously, and that there was already a Spirit Team in place to monitor our efforts and help with the new centre development.

Les had himself given a large part of this private sitting in deep trance and soon afterwards, was able to work as an electrician close to Scole and combine that with a weekly sitting with the two of us. This continued for several months. Although we got lots of encouragement from Spirit via Les’s deep trance, the eagerly sought phenomena just did not happen again at that time, and Sandra and I went back to simply sitting together for a while.

DelaWarr Camera Experiments

Shortly afterwards, we were contacted by Peter Moscow – the then President of the American Psychotronics Association and one of the founders of the Electronic Medicine Association in the UK. Peter had a holistic healing clinic in St Louis, Kentucky and was extremely knowledgeable in the field of radionics, and especially electronic radionic gadgets that he used, many of which were to his own specification. Peter was also a member of the Delawarr Society of Radionics.

Seeing that we had enjoyed such good physical mediumship and phenomena during the ‘Scole Experiment’, Peter was anxious to discover if we were able to get any positive results with his DelaWarr Camera. As far as we knew, there were only two original DelaWarr Cameras left in existence.

It was a very large piece of equipment that did not, in any way, resemble an actual camera. It worked on ‘radionic’ psychic principles, some of which go hand-in-hand with physical phenomena.

The De La Warrs made many radionics experiments with the De La Warr Radionic Camera in particular. A few amazing experiments the De La Warrs carried out included one in which they produced a photograph of a three-month-old fetus from the blood sample of a pregnant woman, with the lady being over 50 miles away at the time.

Another example involved taking a picture of a patient’s brain from a blood sample, which showed a tumour. An autopsy after the patient’s death showed a tumour in the exact place on the brain that was depicted in the photograph.

In 1950, George De La Warr took a photograph using a drop of his own blood and a drop of his wife Marjorie’s blood while holding the thought in his mind of their wedding day in 1929. The photo they received showed two human-like figures standing side by side, although not clearly identifiable as George and Marjorie.

From 2003 to 2006, and between our weekly sittings for the development of physical phenomena, we started to experiment with the De La Warr Camera that Peter had lent us. Surprisingly, although our sessions with the camera were a bit hit and miss, we did start to get some very good psychic pictures and photographic images when we used the camera, so there was definite development taking place.

Our results, however, were never up to the standard of the photographs obtained when the De La Warrs were using and experimenting with their camera. The camera was returned to a scientific researcher designated by Peter before we left Scole.

We considered the possibility of retiring abroad, but could not agree on which country would suit us best. So, for a few years, we travelled to France, Cyprus and Majorca to seriously look at suitable retirement properties. France came out as favorite initially, but we thought that such a move might involve us in too much red tape, and dropped the idea for a while.

It was in early 2004 that Sandra began to receive crystal clear clairvoyant and clairaudient messages again. Whilst she sat quietly during her night-shift job in a Diss electronics factory, she kept getting a recurring message which constantly told her to ‘move to Spain’.

In Part 2, Robin and Sandra Foy embark on the unknown road to Spain.

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