Frederick Olson Kicks The Bucket

This is a slightly humorous account from Frederick Ohlson who had as the title points out, “Kicked the Bucket” whilst it’s a good recording, for its content ,it is not I would say something for the general public. We would not want to encourage suicide.

the reason being that in his joy in what he finds and in talking amongst friends he does show how wonderful it is to be “Dead” as we all know they are much more alive in that sphere than we are here.

In this unbounded enthusiasm it almost smacks of a encouragement to suicide and we all know that is wrong.

With suicides as with everything else in spirit it is a matter of degrees. It is not considered a good thing in a general sense however there are of many mitigating circumstances. One being of course mental illness.

Those with true mental illness unable to comprehend are treated very differently from those who either haphazardly cause their own demise or do it to escape consequences, they are treated very differently.

Those who give their lives for another  and these circumstances can be widely differing war, rescuing someone etc are treated again in a different way.

Those who take their  own for other reasons know immediately on crossing that they have done wrong. They as will we all, will have to make amends for our wrong doings, none of us are perfect otherwise we would not be here.

I have voted for and support the euthanasia bill. It is surprising that we have the moral obligation to not let animals suffer when we seem, according to modern thinking that we must sustain human life to the extreme. I personally would not want to live in such pain and in such conditions that I may not be able to move or do anything for myself. That of course is a personal judgment but one that those who are so afflicted should have respite from.

The reasons that I state this is that Mr Ohlson seems to advocate suicide as you shall see and for that reason I do think this is one recording that shouldn’t be made public for that very reason.

Mr Ohlson confirms what spirit have stated is the purpose not only of the recordings but mediumship entirely, that is that a knowledge of spirit however little is of such great help to those who pass.

Once we have knowledge even a small spark it can help immensely Our loved ones and others can use that spark to help us should we become confused or stuck momentarily. Yet again he speaks of how religion can interfere with how we perceive and progress – more how it holds us up, in spirit.

This is in itself quite timely when we have the very sad terrorist act in Paris on Friday the 13th. We have in a sense a large combination, altogether of what Frederick and I are talking about the sacrifices, the taking of life, the suicide and the too greatly held religious beliefs that hold sway and cause so much damage.

Far from “enjoying 70 virgins” those who perpetrated those vile acts will find themselves in a far different environment than they have envisaged.

Mr Ohlson also talks about national identity which remains for a while and remarks that it soon passes. Again it is the knowledge of the afterlife that’s a saving grace.

Some will notice that in this as well as all the transcriptions that I do, that there is a wanting to preserve the accent and misquotes etc that the speakers have and make. I feel the need to preserve this and these transcriptions will go to make my next or second next book. This particular recording does end abruptly so I do apologise.

As always, light to all, always, Leo.

Mr. Frederick Ohlson kicks the bucket


Mr. Ohlson was a personal friend of Betty Green George Woods: and the medium. He was very interested in Spiritualism and healing. His passing was very sudden. In November 1967 he returned to them this was his second communication, the first being a very short one, but in each the voice was identical.

Betty Greene: Hello:

Who’s that?

Mr Ohlson:

Good Lord, Ohlson here!


Oh, Mr. Ohlson


Hello, Mr. Ohlson

Mr Ohlson:

How are you both?


Oh, very well.


Fine, thank you.


And how are you getting on?

Mr Ohlson:

Very well, no regrets, I’m very happy, I wouldn’t come back if you offered me all the gold in China. I’m perfectly well, and perfectly happy, and I can’t tell you how marvellous it is to be dead!



Well, I never!

Mr Ohlson:

I’ve never known – well, you know I was very interested in all this and I used to go to meetings –


I’ve sat with you in this room…

Mr Ohlson:

I know, that’s a few years ago! My goodness me, people should think themselves lucky the day they kick the bucket!


What are you doing Mr Ohlson, on that side?

Mr Ohlson:

Oh I’m not doing anything in particular…  Just I S’Pose everything is a matter of adjustment… and time but, I perfectly well and perfectly happy in my own way of life over here… Met all my people, lots of me old friends and companions Y’know…


(Sounds Like) And Mr Pearl?

Mr Ohlson:

Yes but I’m never inclined to do anything about it… I s’pose eventually I shall… I find it everything here so stimulating, so int’resting  you feel fit and well, and be able to get about take an int’rest in things and people and so many int’rests George Oh you wait till you come here… I don’t know what you are waiting for… I don’t know what your staying there for…


Well I have to do a lot of work…

Mr Ohlson:

Well you’ll do a few years probably!


Mr Ohlson, what were your first feelings when you found yourself there?

Mr Ohlson:

Well fortunately I knew quite a bit about it before I came, That was a great blessing and a great help, believe me it was… I was a bit erm…. I suppose like everyone must be.. at first a bit… er shaken… in a way I suppose we have our own ideas… things wot we been told… one way and another… I think the reality of it all, the naturalness of it all… was the thing that surprised me..I s’pose it shouldn’t have done but…  it did.


What sort of condition did you find yourself in? What sort of place? Or… Um… you know?

Mr Ohlson:

Well, as far as I’m concerned the place in which I found myself was, the nearest one can say is like some country place, it could be anywhere in a sense. I mean there were trees and the birds, and just as if one was waking up in a country village, although I realised in a sense that very soon afterwards – thousands and thousands of people. Many, many I s’pose wot you’d call apartment houses, anyway… I spose thats what you’d call them apartment houses – vast buildings housing thousands of people – all sounds rather like a large council estate, but nothing like that really. Their very beautiful,  An extremely beautiful setting, A sort of wooden setting, beautiful scenery everywhere, even lakes, I mean I… It was just as if you… waiting as it were in a kind of country setting… in the late summer… mmmm everything was… very quiet an… peaceful an, yet… Once I realised, there was a great deal of activity going on… there was no noise of any description… and the animals… you see many, many animals… and I realised that there are many animals here… particularly in regards to domestic animals… cats and pets an people have had on earth Y’know they still have over here… they live in communities… there are separate houses there are people, who don’t have separate houses… but ermmm things seem to come as far as I can make out…to people…  ermm through time…they don’t necessarily have them all at once… they are probably in sections…  think ermm this place is probably very dowdy an I suspect when I first came to, to my eyes anyway… it was pretty obvious when a lot of people when they first come they need help and care and attention, they need to be sort of helped through I s’pose for many people a difficult situation or difficult period… they don’t all take to it I suppose in the beginning the realisation that they’re  dead and that they’re  separated from the certain people they’re  close to and fond of on earth… an when they realise that although they can return… they seldom do, they have an opportunity to chat or to comfort them… the people they know and love on earth… they soon begin to realise that they’re not acknowledged they’re er not welcomed an a’course that’s a great distress to people I spose one of the greatest distress to people that’s why they do have these reception stations… where there are very high souls in attendance who know how to deal with these difficult, more difficult cases… and erm in consequence they’re soon ushered into the new way of thinking that for some people its very difficult at first thats why if you have this knowledge… that its a tremendous help…      so that you realise very quickly er the whole situation um and you have the advantage that you can make a contact and those people near and dear to you if they are sufficiently interested and invariably they are because through ones knowledge of it oneself when on earth ones near ones are usually aware you can usually get back with a communication “I’m alright don’t worry about me and everything in the gardens lovely sort of thing” that cheers them up, cheers us up and of course we settle down. Probably more quickly than the average person. I think the most difficult cases… are these who have strong convictions, religious convictions, now (not sure) (How collecting them…how…) mumbles Oh they find it much more difficult… sometimes they’re   “quite problems” oh we have  centres children are one of the greatest joys… I’ve seen so many children who live with their people over here. Of course many of them – their parents are still on earth, but they’re taken in charge by people usually if possible related to them like perhaps  a grandmother and so on, but if there is no close tie or relationship there are always souls here who’ll take charge. And we have schools for them, and then they learn all sorts of things, certain things which they probably on learn earth but many other things of them more important than they learned at school on earth. Here it’s a vastly different life altogether and yet one takes to it like a duck to water… at least I did… course some don’t… I spose at first as I say some find it very difficult.

Do you know that there are vast cities here, not just as I explained which I spose you could say was more of a village here there are vast cities tremendous cities vast cities and initially you do get communities of peoples who possibly because of nationality when on earth, and possibly because of their colour even, they have this habit of clinging together, or being together. This is usually, of course, a temporary thing with most of them but… er I suppose it’s a national thing that they get in with them but this is soon lost and there is no bad feeling or anything like that you do get these groups who cling together and live as a community who are possibly when at least when on earth were one nation you know but er they soon disappear Oh we have vast, vast cities and all manner of interest served, great halls of learning, and of music err…

One can study any particular thing that appeals to one, err mostly of an artistic endeavour, because seems to me, I can realise that much more now, that art and the things of the mind and of the spirit are the things that are the most lasting obviously. I mean, certain material gives abilities of one man ahead erm they have been very necessary and very wonderful for the individual when on earth here they’re  not of much value those things are not necessary they don’t exist

You see, this is a real world, but it’s not a material world. Therefore we don’t have the material aspects like you do on earth. You don’t get vast factories for instance. You don’t get railways and stations, and thank God, you don’t get all the noise, the filth and the dirt. Here it’s a world of absolute beauty, and there’s the joy of progress in everything, the feeling of elation that comes with the realisation that, all the time you’re stepping forward. Its so subtle I suppose that anyway your not fully aware of it but there is this realisation that nothing can ever be… well too much of an effort everything will come gradually there is progress of every sense, every kind, it’s a must, I mean you can’t avoid, it’s there its, for you it depends on you, you receive help and encouragement but it stills falls back on the individual and of course erm there’s this realisation that when its something which builds up, it is not something that just… you achieve something and that’s it it’s the top and bottom of it, there always something new, something fresh, something more intresting some new experience some new place to go to some new people to visit, fresh arrivals coming who get over from the earth people who we have known and loved, helping them helping them to settle, getting them interested in all sorts of things over here, all things err Its very difficult… I realise of course now, more than I ever did… I don’t know what it is, to impart knowledge that is knowledge appertaining to this sort of life, life which is so far removed in some senses from earth and yet at the same time, and yet it is vitally important that they realise what a reality of life it is…

It’s not a wishy-washy affair over here. It’s not some sort of vague something. It’s a real, real existence, and we are in our own way as physical as you are. And yet it’s not a physical body as you have it. To all outward appearance it may look the same, but it isn’t, the construction is different. I mean we are living on a vibration that is so far removed from earth, and everything is rarefied in consequence and everything that we do has a meaning and purpose. At first of course one doesn’t really appreciate and one doesn’t really understand it and no one can only understand and appreciate, what would seem the purpose of so many things… I mean when I look back on your side, I think my God how did I ever get through it,

Your world to me seems – well, it is as if there’s a dark, dreary foggy atmosphere. Of course the thought forces emanating from your world en masse are so terrible. There’s all this upset, hatred, bitterness and malice. And goodness what else and coupled with all the other issues and complications and of life it amazes me now looking back of course, one doesn’t, course one doesn’t know any better when on earth,  it seems almost such a remote thing, the old life… I wouldn’t want to come back to it. I don’t know George why you didn’t come back when you had the opportunity… (Betty Greene laughs) you were as near as coming as I have ever known… what you wanted to hang on for I’ll never know! (I have more work here!) Unless it’s for Betty, unless it was for you (Ohlson means Betty Greene)


Can you tell me about the colours? The colours on your side, what you see?

Mr Ohlson:

Colours? Colours, we got every colour you can imagine and bigger (mumbles) there are so many varieties of colour, colour of course plays a very important part of life, did you know that thought was a predominating factor? Erm we can think… by our thoughts we can create, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want you to think that you can just think of something and there it is… that does happen, of course but erm, there are creative people, people who create and design, interiors and house’s and those who come along who enjoy  using they’re  hand, to construct

This is a transmission of my thought via this artificial vocal voice box, call it what you will, which transmits it into sound. It is artificially created because after all we can speak over here – we can communicate if we wish by the vocal effort – we learn very quickly that the best form of communication is a mental process.

This is a world of mental reality, which by the very power that generates it, creates, what you might call, a physical condition or picturisation of things. The more one sort of develops mentally and spiritually here, the more conscious and aware you become of other places, vistas and people. It’s just a matter of tapping the source and becoming, as it were, tuned into it.


Mr. Ohlson, how do you spend your time now?

Mr Ohlson:


Time, time, time! Well, we’re not conscious of time. Time does not mean anything to us. By coming back to you we’re conscious of time to some extent. People say ‘Oh well, I’m sure so-and-so will come and speak because it’s his birthday.’ Well, we couldn’t care less in a sense about birthdays. In fact we probably wouldn’t even remember it was our birthday if it were not for the fact that we pick up the idea or the thought from the consciousness of the individual near and dear to us on earth.

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