Forged Links

From the day we are conceived to the time we pass to the other side of the veil, we are forging links in our life. The companions we meet along the way, the family bonds, and the links we forge from spirit through spirit and to spirit. These links are formed in our thoughts, in our words, actions and deeds. Yes! life is truly about forging links and managing our links throughout life.

Often issues that we face in our time and in our immediate circumstance are the links being broken and so we are unable to continue with the links we have previously forged. Everything that we are, the sum total of our souls growth, conscious choice and our lessons learned, and to be learned are all about links that we have. When those links break, or bend and separate, we fail to complete that chain of understanding or the chain of compassion or the chain of love. Those links that break are caused by your choices or your missed opportunities for growth or the lack of understanding or compassion for someone else’s links.

Oftentimes, people will make choices that affect your links and you will make those choices that affect others. This month it is important to think of your links, every day when you wake to the miracle of life, make a concerted effort to repair broken links with love and compassion or forge new links with love and compassion. Forge your daily link and create the chain of love, healing, understanding and compassion in this world and the next. Perhaps even write your daily link and forge new positive ones. You control your links and its up to you how you make the chain.

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