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Firing Up Creativity

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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
Maya Angelou


People often ask me how I can write so many books. What’s the secret? Well, apart from the fact that I’m always coming across new information, I have the help of a very special crystal, Triplite, and Silver Genie, a Petaltone essence. Combine those two and away you go. The synergy of a crystal with an essence goes way beyond what the individual components would achieve. The first time I had Triplite on my desk I wrote 5000 words in a morning. It’s an incredible crystal for activating creativity – and for raising kundalini. There’ll be more about that in a future article. Only last month I used the Triplite-Silver Genie combination to write a 55,000 word crystal book in three weeks. Now, non-writers may not think much to that, but writers will appreciate just how speedy that was. It was as though I plucked the text fully formed out of the ether. I have another writing secret too. A goddess likes to get in on the act. The Lady of the Flame, the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet.


The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet.

The Lady of the Flame, the goddess Sekhmet. [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/]

 Reliving an Egyptian temple initiation inspired my first novel

 The bright Egyptian sun was swallowed by gloom as we penetrated deep into the shadows of Dendera temple, cool under its heavy stone roof.

“Come, see.” A smiling, blue-robed guardian urged us forward, his teeth gleaming whitely. As he lifted a flagstone and I peered into blackness, claustrophobia crawled up my spine.

“No. I can’t.” I muttered.

But it was too late. The guardian nimbly disappeared, clutching my torch. My excited companion pressed past me down narrow stairs, pulling me behind him. The walls were colder than anything I’d ever felt before.

“Don’t be foolish,” I admonished myself. “You’re an astrologer. You know all about the twelve crypts of Dendera and their astrological links. This is what you came to see.” But I hadn’t realised they’d be like this, low and stooped, crawling with something I didn’t want to think about, and so very black.

As the flagstone dropped behind us, it was all I could do not to scream. The light from the torch hardly touched the darkness and then the guardian must have turned a corner because, suddenly, the light was gone.

When I put my hands out, the air pushed back against them. This wasn’t an absence of light. Something was eating it. I couldn’t breathe, black air was pressing on me. The walls were closing in. I could hear the stones grinding together as they moved closer and could sense the skittering of scorpions, smell the must of sharp-toothed rodents, and the decay of the tomb. Panicking and panting, I knew there was a huge black hooded cobra waiting to strike. It would attack any moment. There were demons and unspeakable things of the night crowding in, horned beings and serpents crawling near, and a strange triple-headed beast swallowing the light. I bet those old priests conjured them up and forgot to banish them again.

The eyes of a lioness flared out of the darkness.

Suddenly I knew I’d done this before, it was all an illusion. I could send them back where they belonged. I took a deep, calming breath:

“Begone foul beasts and creatures of the depths of night,” I began firmly. “Be gone great snake that waits to strike, resist me not. Return to your lair. Be gone triple headed demons of Set. Return to the far reaches of the desert to him who made you. Be gone in the name of light. Walls stand firm, hold your place. Protect those who come in light. Protect me.”

I had no idea where the words were coming from but it seemed to work. As the banishing ritual ended, a torch pierced the darkness and my companion called impatiently for me to join him on the tour. I hurried forward, thankfully.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. That night, in a dream, I relived the whole initiation. Meeting and overcoming unspeakable beings as I passed through the door to each crypt and all the parts of myself were stripped away and my soul was finally laid bare before The Terrible One.

The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, memories of whom had haunted me since childhood, told me that I was to tell a story. I’d already written several books, but those had been non-fiction. I had no idea how to craft a novel, or what story I’d tell.

“Use your memories, my child,” the now kindly lioness told me. “Weave them into a tale that tells what it was like back then and how the past intertwines with the present. I will help you.”

And she did, getting me out of bed many a night to jot down a dream or spontaneous memory. I resisted putting it all together, however. Only a short story came out of it. I write twenty eight more mind-body-spirit books in the meantime, but these didn’t satisfy her. “Torn Clouds took more than twelve years to evolve from that short story into what metaphysician Alan Richardson called: ‘an outpouring from another age, a genuine glimpse into beyond-time mysteries’. A time-slip novel of reincarnation and romance that, as he warned, draws you into more than a mere novel. It certainly does, that reliving of the ritual became a major part of the novel, although it was transposed into my heroine’s experience along with many more of my past life memories.

“Torn Clouds” dips into the upheavals brought about by the mysterious Akhenaton – the latter drawing on another time-slip experience in Egypt where I was face down in the dust, a young priestess being plucked from her home to go to the new City of Light. That regression was immensely real to me because, in my present life, I can’t imagine being face down in the dust before anyone. But the love I felt then for the misshapen alien Pharaoh and his mother Tiye is reborn every time I hear their names. Standing in front of his statue in the Luxor museum, I was in tears.

Entering the tiny Sekhmet sanctuary at Karnak made me want to throw myself full length before her. I settled for the touching of her chakras and my own that the smiling Nubian guardians taught me – little did they know that they were carrying out an ancient ritual themselves. I still do that ritual today.


In the sanctuary of Sekhmet

In the sanctuary of Sekhmet, Temple Karnak, 2014 [Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise]

My heroine Megan McKennar appeared fully formed one stormy night and took over my computer to expand her story in a heart pounding three months. It was quite a ride. In the end, I simply had to comply with Sekhmet’s demand and tell the story. After many rejections on the grounds that there was no market for this kind of fiction (since then time-slip has become a recognised genre, I always was ahead with the zeitgeist), “Torn Clouds” was published by John Hunt of O Books, a courageous publisher I’d gone to visit to discuss another non-fiction book – “Crystal Prescriptions” now a best seller in its own right but then only a germ of an idea. When I mentioned my novel and its reincarnation theme, he casually said: “I’ll publish it.”

As soon as he did, “The Crystal Bible”, became a best seller. It was as though Sekhmet had relented and brought me success. An American friend has dreamed she was in a cinema watching “Torn Clouds” on the screen – she described that heart stopping visit to the crypts without having read the book. Recently I found myself sitting next to a screenwriter… Hollywood, here I come! Now which crystal do I need for that?


And Triplite and an Egyptian priestess inspired my second


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi


That first novel was written over 15 years ago. More recently, just after Triplite entered my life, I began to dream again. An Egyptian priestess whispered in my ear. Another novel was born. Now all I need to find is what my friend Mario Reading, author of “The Nostrodamus Trilogy” amongst so many other excellent books, calls ‘a fairly eccentric publisher’ who looks outside the established genre box. Well, the new novel does combine time-slip events in ancient Egypt, tantric sex and modern day gothic horror with a young woman finding her magical inner power. A new genre indeed! Is there anybody out there? I’d better get the Triplite out and ask My Lady for assistance!


Triplite (Vayrynenite)


Triplite (Vayrynenite)

Triplite (Vayrynenite) [Photo copyright]

 Source: Skadu, Pakistan (also occurs in China; Bavaria, Germany; Kimito, Finland; Karibib, Namibia; and Maine, Connecticut, Arizona and Colorado.)

This stone knows exactly where to go to help its user. It tunes into you and calibrates your energy. It’s the perfect stone for overcoming energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. Boosting the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body, it stimulates the base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of the body, physical and subtle. If a brown or black Triplite is placed below the feet, a red on the base chakra and an orange on the sacral, it shoots energy up through the heart and into the top of the head – rather like a firework going off. If the effect is too dramatic it can be regulated with a white crystal above the head and a piece of the matrix below your feet. The energy then flows down around the aura to enclose and boost your biomagnetic field. Placing Triplite over the dantien (just below the navel) stores the creative force until it is required.

Triplite helps you to recognise your frenemies (inner or outer), those people or thoughts that appear to be friendly and yet subtly pull you down into destructive mode. A friend to your face who gossips, or criticises you behind your back, or takes credit for your work. The stone brings them out into the open so that the situation can be resolved with grace and move into true friendship – or release them from your life. It does the same for your inner frenemies, the thoughts and emotions that undermine you. It helps you to see situations calmly, to assess them and find solutions, and then strengthens your resolve as you put them into practice.


Astro-characters: Zodiac Sex Style


When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.” Lady Gaga


Just in case you’d like to write a novel of your own, here’s a helpful cribsheet from my book: “Astro-Characters Creating Compelling Fictional Characters with Astrology”. All writers need to create compelling and believable characters – and they can with just a smidgen of astrological know-how – and the help of a crystal or two. The zodiac signs are instantly recognisable archetypes with which a reader can identify. The book offers in-depth astrological profiles from the signs themselves, giving away all their secrets, foibles and flaws. Just what a writer needs. Simply by combining a sun and moon sign with a rising sign – you don’t need to know the technicalities for this, just pick what is appropriate for your character – you’ll create a complex, multi-layered personality. As Sekhmet inspired a tantric-sex novel, here’s her take on the zodiac signs sexual style.

Let’s face it. No matter what kind of story you are writing, your protagonist will have sex on his or her mind at some point in the story. Not every tale is a love story but all your character’s relationships will be coloured by the zodiac signs you’ve chosen. Each sign has a distinctive approach to relationship which is set out in the guide that follows. Reading “Astro-Characters” with its in-depth profiles of the signs will, of course, enable you to flesh out your character but this short guide gives an idea of which sun-sign you could choose for your character and how selecting a clashing moon and rising sign would add interest, internal struggle, a dash of the unexpected to the mix and another layer of tension to your plot.


The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why?

The contradictions of Virgo. The ancient corn goddess has morphed into the modern virgin. How? Why? [Image copyright Judy Hall The Zodiac Pack]


Aries 21 March-19 April

Crystal: Ruby

Style: Active. Raunchy. Impatient. Too fast? Too bad!

Says: “Me first”.

Prelims: Doesn’t bother

Enjoys: Danger

Relationship quality: Selfish

Achilles heel: Impatient for new experiences


Taurus 20 April -21 May

Crystal: Emerald

Style: Passive. Sensual. Savours slowly. Can be boring.

Says: “Let’s get comfortable”

Prelims: A good meal

Enjoys: Massage

Relationship quality: Loyal

Achilles heel: Too entrenched


Gemini 22 May – 20 June

Crystal: Agate

Style: Active. Eloquent. Sex occurs mostly in the head. Talks continuously.

Says: “Do you think ….”

Prelims: A good conversation

Enjoys: Talking through the Kama Sutra

Relationship quality: Changeable

Achilles heel: Naivety


Cancer 21 June -22 July

Crystal: Moonstone

Style: Passive. Possessive. Cuddlesome. Caring. Emotional.

Says: “I’ll look after you.”

Prelims: Cooking for two

Enjoys: A quiet evening in

Relationship quality: Clingy.

Achilles heel: Neediness


Leo 23 July – 22 August

Crystal: Citrine

Style: Active. Lustful. Romantic. Larger than life. Egocentric.

Says: “Do I look good in this?”

Prelims: Flattery

Enjoys: A good evening out

Relationship quality: Narcissistic

Achilles heel: Pride


Virgo 23 August – 22 September

Crystal: Peridot

Style: Passive. Discerning. Earthy sensuality. Cool ardour.


Says: “I’ll just freshen up first … ”

Prelims: Checking how tidy the bedroom is

Enjoys: Perfection

Relationship quality: Picky

Achilles heel: Dirt


Libra 23 September – 23 October

Crystal: Sapphire

Style: Passive. Alluring. Amorous. Accommodating. Partner-


Says: “What would please you?”

Prelims: Being courted and flattered

Enjoys: Harmony

Relationship quality: Adaptive

Achilles heel: People-pleasing


Scorpio 24 October – 21 November

Crystal: Malachite

Style: Active. Magnetic. Intense. Secretive. Jealous.

Says: “Tell me all about yourself.”

Prelims: Beautiful underwear

Enjoys: Bondage, allure, mystery

Relationship quality: Ouch!

Achilles heel: Secrets and lies


Sagittarius 22 November – 21 December

Crystal: Topaz

Style: Active. Adventurous. Easily bored. The grass is

greener elsewhere.

Says: “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”

Prelims: A plane ticket

Enjoys: New experiences

Relationship quality: Freedom

Achilles heel: Promises too much


Capricorn 22 December – 19 January

Crystal: Garnet

Style: Active. Cautious. Reserved. Surprisingly highly


Says: “Are you serious?”

Prelims: Checking the bank balance

Enjoys: Quality above quantity

Relationship quality: Committed

Achilles heel: Keeping up appearances


Aquarius 20 January – 19 February

Crystal: Aquamarine

Style: Active. Detached. Inventive. Electric. A real one-off

Says: “Have you tried … ?”

Prelims: Friendship

Enjoys: The weird and wacky

Relationship quality: Dispassionate

Achilles heel: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Crystal: Amethyst

Style: Passive. Romantic. In love with love. Rose tinted

glasses. Swims off.

Says: “I’ve finally found what I’ve been searching for”

Prelims: Declaration of undying love.

Enjoys: Fantasy and variety

Relationship quality: Serial soulmates

Achilles heel: Sucker for a sob-story


Enjoy your character creation!






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