Potentials of Consciousness

Etzel Cardena: “What do anomalous experiences tell us about the potentials of consciousness?”

Etzel Cardeña holds the Thorsen Chair in Psychology at Lund University in Sweden. He heads the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP). His three interconnected areas of research are: 1) The scientific study of consciousness alterations and anomalous experiences, experiences that do not necessarily involve distress or dysfunction (e.g., most psi-related experiences, mystical experiences). He also researches the relationships between hypnosis, dissociation (lack of the usual integration of psychological processes such as sensation, memory, and identity), and performance in controlled psi tasks. 2) Neurophenomenological research on hypnosis, particularly on the experience of highly responsive individuals and its underlying brain mechanisms. 3) Acute reactions to psychological trauma, particularly dissociative reactions, and their long-term sequelae. He has over 200 publications including the new, second edition of Varieties of Anomalous Experiences, the two volumes of Altering Consciousness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, and articles on top journals in the field such as Journal of Abnormal Psychology, American Journal of Psychiatry, Psychological Bulletin, and Cortex. He is also artistic director of the International Theatre of Malmö. See http://www4.lu.se/o.o.i.s/23839

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