Etheric templates and materialization

The Zetas who communicate via the medium, Paul Hamden, are extraterrestrial beings who live in physical environments, but they also have the ability to extend their consciousness to a non-physical, multidimensional, energetic environment where other laws of nature apply. In this non-physical realm, consciousness has the ability to create with thoughts. The previous article, “The creation process and states of love”, explained that intentions can create holographic-like environments that are as real to the creator as our physical environments are to us. However, a creation cannot be experienced by beings who operate at a state of consciousness lower than that of the creator. Since the human race is at a relatively low state of consciousness, many creations of other entities exist that are presently beyond our ability to perceive.

One of the energetic dimensions is the etheric realm. It parallels our physical universe and holds etheric bodies that are templates or blueprints for all physical objects. According to the Zetas, the etheric templates specify the detailed properties of objects such as chemical composition, shape, position, and other physical attributes. If a being’s intention were to modify the properties of an etheric template, there would be a corresponding change in the state of the associated physical object.

Human intentions obviously have only small effects on physical matter, suggesting that we are prevented from changing the properties of etheric templates. This would be expected if the creator of those templates were at a higher state of consciousness than we are. Remember that lower state-of-consciousness beings cannot experience higher-state-of consciousness beings or their creations.

The relation between matter and the etheric realm became clearer when the Zetas answered our questions on materialization of ectoplasm and apports. Ectoplasm is produced during a séance while a medium is in a trance. The material comes from an opening in the medium’s body, such as the mouth. It sometimes behaves as if it were alive, and may do surprising things like representing recognizable images of people’s faces. It is usually reabsorbed by the medium’s body before the end of the séance. An apport, on the other hand, is a natural or manufactured object that can materialize in mid-air. The object is copied from some other location in space/time. Unlike ectoplasm, apports continue to exist indefinitely after they are produced. In both cases, spirit realm beings are responsible for the materialization, while the medium is but a conduit for the phenomenon.

The Zeta model of materialization

Transcripts of interviews with the Zeta beings on materialization are presented and discussed in chapters of the book, “A primer of the Zeta race”.  The following is a Zeta’s own summary of the materialization process in response to a sitter’s question.

The Zeta said, “When a medium develops the ability to apport or materialize processes, they are understanding that the spirit realm people are in relationship with other entities. Some would say they are called in. Now, the spirit people take an image of the energetic body of the process, and of course the image contains all of the physical structure for the basis of the apport process. The new apport, the etheric body of the apport, is brought to the physical location where the apport is to manifest, and it is populated in carbon. Now, of course, the apport is not carbon, my friend, but has its basis in many molecules, in many bases of molecular structure, and so the spirit people change the molecular structure to replicate exactly the etheric body process, so that it physically materializes as being a mirror image of the physical that has been copied.

He added a comment about ectoplasm in particular, “I would say that many of the words required to discuss ectoplasm do not exist, but I will give you a general understanding based on the words we have available to us. As the medium breathes in, he is breathing in much energy because your breath contains life. Now, once consciousness and intent have been put in action, substances are drawn from the physical body which can be guided by consciousness, the consciousness of the spirit entity to perform a function.”

According to the Zeta, matter exists on a spectrum of granularity from undetectable fine matter to the familiar coarse matter. A Zeta was asked how the finer matter originated. He replied that “they have always existed as part of the fabric of this universe.” Fine matter formed when “consciousness holding itself into conscious states creates matter”. Then, “As a consciousness would bring to itself finer matter, it creates a process of materialization.” So fine matter, brought into being as a “conscious state”, is further acted upon by consciousness to form coarse matter.

To create the desired ectoplasm or apport, consciousness focuses on a physical location to place a “framework of materialization” that contains the appropriate etheric template. The etheric body of the apport is copied from the original object and encodes all the properties of that object, while the etheric body for ectoplasm is constructed before or during the process by a spirit consciousness. The etheric body contains information on the atomic structure and spatial organization of the object to be materialized. A consciousness moves available material to the framework or creates new matter by drawing invisible finer matter to it.

The material that becomes ectoplasm is mainly water from the medium’s body. The water is reorganized by spirit consciousness into separate hydrogen and oxygen ions, and these ions with their etheric counterparts are rearranged to form an etheric template for the intended ectoplasm. Cellulose is a possible candidate material for ectoplasm since over 70% of its atoms are the constituents of water. Some ectoplasm has the appearance of cotton fibres which are almost pure cellulose. The missing carbon atoms are also taken from the medium’s body if available, or they are created by filling the etheric template with fine matter.

When the medium’s body does not have a sufficient quantity of the elements needed to form an apport, the material is obtained outside the body if available. A few samples of this material is required by the spirit control to condition the “conduit of materialization” in the medium’s body. Remaining gaps in the apport’s etheric template are filled with fine matter drawn by consciousness. The fine matter forms carbon as a base material, and this element is transmuted to other elements as specified by the template. This may be seen as a process of creation.

An obvious difference between ectoplasm and an apport is that ectoplasm is temporary while the apport is permanent. This corresponds to the relative permanence of their etheric bodies. The apport’s etheric body, copied from another existing object, persists after the spirit control has gone. However, the etheric body of ectoplasm in the “framework of materialization” degrades quickly without the support of the spirit control.

Creation of the universe

Our new understanding about materialization according to the Zetas should be relevant to theories on the creation of the physical universe. The big bang cosmological model is generally held to be true by cosmologists. According to the model, matter and energy erupted from nothing, the universe came into being and expanded, and billions of years later we have what we see now. We are told that the energy from the eruption was converted to subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons, and these formed elements like hydrogen, helium and lithium. Stars formed and the universe evolved according to the physical laws defined by the initial conditions.

The eruption of matter and energy from nothing is a magical process that would normally not be an acceptable part of a scientific theory. The Zetas assure us that everything came from the energy of a consciousness that existed before matter was formed. They say that “the void is a living entity of total consciousness, and is partially living as an experience in separation, through illusion, of self through the vesture of matter. Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form.” So our physical universe is one form of existence among many. Consciousness creates experiences for itself by separating into facets having multiple levels of organization.

We can now see that the energy of the “living entity of total consciousness”, or source consciousness, was behind the initial eruption of physical energy at the time of the big bang. It would have created etheric templates defining the structures of fundamental matter such as subatomic particles and atoms, and drew fine matter into coarse matter objects according to the information in higher-order templates. We may also infer that the energy of the source consciousness maintains the existence of all the etheric templates it created. Otherwise, all matter would degrade like the ectoplasm in the séance room when the spirit control departs.

A demonstration of dematerialization

The Zeta race has sophisticated technology that operates in the energetic realm. For example, a Zeta craft is a living organism which moves through physical and etheric space propelled by the creative ability of its consciousness. The craft can dematerialize and exist only in the etheric realm, and then materialize again into physical form. The etheric body of the craft has a frequency which does or does not resonate with the frequency of matter. When the frequencies are in harmony, the craft is in physical form. When the frequencies are dissonant, the craft is dematerialized, and its matter is held in a disassociated state by the etheric body.

The Zetas say also that the etheric body of a craft has a code that controls its state of harmony with the frequency of matter. They are able to change this code remotely in order to alter the frequency of the etheric body and, hence, the state of materialization of the craft.

A graphic demonstration of this materialization switch in operation was displayed in a remarkable series of four photographs taken by a colleague in England. The third photo in the series clearly shows what appears at first glance to be a motion smear next to one branch of a clematis bush. This photo is reproduced in the following image.

dematerialization image

The hypothesis that movement of the branch caused optical smearing in the camera does not withstand closer scrutiny. If it were true, the colour of the apparent smear should be the same as the branch, and it is not. Also, it cannot explain why the smear would be darker next to the thicker nodes of the branch, even when a node itself is a lighter colour. These anomalies can be explained, however, by the hypothesis that the apparent smear is a change in brightness due to particulate matter left behind by the moving branch. That is, the branch seems to be dematerializing while it is moving, and the matter from the branch is being left behind. It is no longer being held in place by the etheric body framework. The darker areas beside the moving branch nodes are consistent with this interpretation. They would be caused by the greater amount of disassociated matter released by the thicker nodes. Further support that the branch is dematerializing is its transparency in this photograph. Other branches that are actually behind it in a previous photograph, now appear to be in front. This suggests that only a small amount of matter is still with the etheric body to maintain the branch’s detailed structure.

The photographer took the photographs to capture the orb in the sky to the left of the branch. In the third photo showing the anomalous features of the branch, the orb has a very different shape and brightness compared to its appearance in the other photos. Might an entity associated with the orb have caused the branch to dematerialize?  Recall that an etheric body has a code for changing an object’s state of materialization. Perhaps the branch’s etheric code was toggled to initiate dematerialization at the instant the branch was moved. It would have been toggled again immediately after the photograph was taken, since the branch has returned to the materialized state in the last photograph.

The dematerialization of the branch and its motion occurred together precisely during the 1/10 sec exposure time of the photograph. It is highly improbable that the motion of the branch, its dematerialization, and the change in the orb’s appearance all occurred by chance during that same brief interval. Almost certainly, an intelligence coordinated these events. The unknown entity must have known precisely when the photograph would be taken.  The demonstration is visible evidence of the role that the etheric realm plays in our physical existence.


Human science accepts that matter self-organizes according to physical laws that just happen to exist. But the principle of self-organization tells us nothing about how the materialization of apports are possible. How can matter suddenly appear in mid-air as if from nothing? Other examples of inexplicable anomalies abound in physical mediumship – the formation of ectoplasm from the medium, the rapid movement of objects and balls of light around the seance room, independent voices speaking from arbitrary locations in the room, etc. Perhaps these phenomena are mysterious only because we lack the concept of the etheric realm.

The existence of the etheric realm is not understood by human science because it is not detectable with physical instruments. Yet the realm contains etheric templates that organize the properties of physical matter in a top-down manner. We saw photographic evidence of this in the demonstration discussed above. When matter was released from the form specified by the etheric template, it began to move independently and fell away.  Also, apports have been seen to form in mid-air, and the Zetas have described the process as akin to teleportation. That is, the etheric template of the object is positioned, and the specified matter is either drawn to that location or created from finer matter by the energy of consciousness.

Presentations of physical mediumship phenomena by spirit entities occur for a number of reasons. An important one may be to impress upon us the reality of the etheric realm and its relation to the physical realm. We may then come to realize that it would be easier to interact directly with the etheric realm if we were at a higher state of consciousness and more loving as individuals.

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