New Energy Of Physical Mediumship

Ever since the energy-based work of our ‘Scole Experiment’ (with its unique physical phenomena) became well-known within the realms of Psychic Research and Spiritual Science, the connections with ‘Energy’ seem to have caught on, and ‘Energy’ now seems to be the ‘IN’ thing – this being a very popular expression used within both mental mediumship and physical mediumship alike. 

Of course, it is indeed basically true that the majority of fresh groups and circles who now start up and sit for physical phenomena (often by following the advice from Spirit outlined in the ‘Basic Guide’ available from ), do use the specially blended mix of three different sources of natural energy which Spirit refer to as ‘Creative Energy’. I know personally of a number of experimental groups who have already achieved excellent energy-based phenomena developed in this way.

However, what I do find surprising (and what worries me to a certain extent) is that a number of bloggers, writers, authors and mediums themselves have begun to refer to their work, and that of groups seeking to develop energy-based physical phenomena under the general heading of having been engineered by Spirit using ‘NEW ENERGY’.

Whilst it is quite correct to describe most of the energy-based physical phenomena witnessed during the ‘Scole Experiment’ as: ‘Unique’ and as: ‘Incorporating Brand New Types of Physical Phenomena’ which had never to our knowledge been previously witnessed anywhere else in the world at that time, it would not be accurate to state that the work and phenomena could be accredited simply to the use of ‘NEW ENERGY’. 

As we were told by our Spirit Team, many other circles, groups and physical mediums in the past also worked in this energy-based way, right back (way beyond modern Spiritualism) to time immemorial and the days of Atlantis! The difference with them at that time was that few of them actually understood that they were working with ‘Creative Energy’. We were extremely lucky at Scole, in that our  own wonderful Spirit Team (many of them scientists and engineers during their earth lives) chose to discuss their methods and spirit technology with us in depth (as far as possible) so that others might understand better exactly how energy-based phenomena worked. We were also led to believe that the work at Scole was the first for decades where our Spirit Team were able to control the use of energy-based phenomena better than previously possible.

Let us look at some examples of physical mediumship and its phenomena where I believe that ‘Creative Energy’ played its part – just as it did for us at Scole:-


Henrietta “Etta” Wriedt (1859-1942) of Detroit, Michigan, was described by some researchers as the ‘best ever physical medium’. She was studied and validated by such esteemed researchers as Sir William Barrett, a physics professor who co-founded the SPR, Sir Oliver Lodge, a physicist remembered for his pioneering work in electricity and radio, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the physician who created Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John S. King, a physician who founded the Canadian branch of the SPR, and Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore, a retired British naval commander turned researcher.

Wriedt was not a trance medium. Her mediumship came under the heading of ‘Independent Voice’ mediumship, where Spirit Communicators were able to speak independently of the medium’s vocal cords, with the voices appearing to come from ‘mid-air’. While skeptics claimed that direct voice mediums were expert ventriloquists, Wriedt was observed by researchers talking to people sitting next to her at the same time as spirit voices came through.  It was reported that as many as four spirit voices would be talking simultaneously to different sitters and, although Wriedt knew only English, spirits communicated in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Arabic and other languages. 

Usborne Moore, who had investigated a number of mediums in England before sailing to the United States, first visited Wriedt in Detroit in 1909 and then again in 1910 and 1911.  He arranged for her to visit England in 1912.  Moore noted that the spirit voices came through in broad daylight or gaslight, but they were louder in the dark. Moreover, Wriedt was open to sitting anywhere in the room so that the investigator could watch her and rule out fraud.

Moore further observed that Mrs. Wriedt spoke “Yankee,” yet the voices of his English relatives and friends came through in “pure English,” while discussing ‘very evidential’ personal and family matters. There was never any talk of Etta Wriedt using a ‘Cabinet’ for her work, or of any direct observation by sitters of any form of ‘Ectoplasmic Substance’. These are indeed the classic conditions ideal for ‘Energy-Based’ Physical Phenomena, and I believe that Etta Wriedt’s work was therefore, Energy-Based.


For me, this is yet another case of early Energy-Based Physical Mediumship and ‘Independent Voice’ Phenomena. Pearl Judd was a young girl who sat with her uncle Clive Chapman in a family Home Circle at Dunedin, New Zealand during the 1920’s. The ‘Independent Voice’ phenomena occurred in the light and was very strong. Full details are in a (now rare) book published by Clive Chapman in 1926 called ‘The Blue Room’, which I can thoroughly recommend to anybody who has not yet read it!! Once again, there was NO CABINET; NO TRANCE and NO MENTION of ‘Ectoplasm’. Classic ‘Energy-Based’ Phenomena!


My own very first Home Circle, which I joined in 1973, and which proved to be a ‘Physical Circle’ run by local businessman Elmer Browne in Leicester in the UK. There was no cabinet in the circle; trance was not allowed, and nobody ever witnessed ‘Ectoplasm’ as such. Elmer (‘Bill’ to us) ran the group under similar conditions to Pearl Judd’s Dunedin Circle – aiming for ‘Independent Voice’ in the same way, and using ‘The Blue Room’ as his ‘Bible’. In the 2 years I sat with that Circle, I did indeed witness several examples of ‘Independent Voice’ during sittings, along with being ‘poked in the back’ by a ‘teleported’ Spirit Finger!!! Looking back, I have no doubt that the phenomena I witnessed there at Leicester was indeed Energy-Based.


There were a number of reports in the Psychic Press during the 1980’s of the ‘New Type’ of Physical Phenomena that was being witnessed at that time in the Home Circle of Physical Medium Rita Goold. The Circle was experiencing ‘Materialization’ in a ‘Different’ way, so it was said. The Spiritualist Community was suspicious that the phenomena was not genuine as ‘everybody who was anybody’ in that community argued vehemently that ‘Materialization’ could only come about through the use of ‘Ectoplasm’. In the Goold Circle, ‘solid’ Spirit personalities were visiting the circle every week, including the very solid Spirit boy ‘Russell Byrne’, who acted as a guide and Spirit ‘Compere’ within the circle. Another regular prominent Spirit helper in that circle was the famous Materialization medium – Helen Duncan. In life, Helen had been a large lady. She manifested in the circle, and when she occasionally sat down on a settee during a séance, her heavy weight was felt by other sitters in a physical way!

Russell Byrne’s parents attended the circle at the invitation of Rita, and were able to verify absolutely 100% that the solid visitor ‘Russell’ was indeed their son!! The Spirits of Russell and Helen spoke in their own voices during sessions (see the book ‘Russell’ by Gwen Byrne – Janus Publishing). Our friend Alan Crossley (medium and experienced psychic researcher regarding physical mediumship) who used to actually organise some of Helen Duncan’s séances when she was alive and knew her well stayed with Rita at one point and attended her séances. Alan was able to confirm totally that the solid visiting Spirit of Helen at Rita’s séances was indeed Helen herself, and that Rita’s mediumship was genuine. On more that one occasion (not during a séance), Alan actually watched stuffed toy animals climbing up the wall in full daylight!!

It is still a mystery to me as to why, but Rita was vilified dramatically by much of the Psychic Press because leading Spiritualists could not understand how her phenomena was produced. Shamefully, Rita even received a number of ‘death’ threats at the time, which eventually led to her abandoning her amazing, successful but absolutely genuine mediumship!! I do not think that it was ever explained to Rita’s Circle during sittings that the ‘Materialisation’ and ‘Independent Voice’ phenomena they were experiencing was actually ‘Energy-Based’, but from the similar way in which our own Spirit Team worked at Scole, I have no doubt whatsoever that Rita’s phenomena was indeed an earlier manifestation of our ‘Energy-Based’ phenomena at Scole a decade later, and that the ‘Materialisations’ who visited Rita’s seances were – in fact – teleported into the room in exactly the same way that was used during ‘The Scole Experiment’.


This was another amazing Circle in the 1990’s where Energy-Based physical phenomena was prevalent. During a seminar by the Noah’s Ark Society, which I had founded in 1990, Sandra and I were approached by a delegate who was sitting in this Circle (which apparently had NO medium as such), but which was nevertheless experiencing amazing phenomena including ‘Materialisation’ and ‘Independent Voice’. We agreed to sit with the circle for a while to assess the situation and offer advice if necessary, which led to our sharing several sittings with the group over a period of time. It was a few months before we were able to conclude that a young French man in the circle was actually the medium, as the initial assessment seemed to point to the fact that the group as a whole supplied the ‘Creative Energy’ for their Spirit Team to operate.

On the first occasion we climbed the stairs to the third storey room and (in full light), I was again ‘poked in the back’ by a solid Spirit finger urging me up the stairs. We were able to verify that the phenomena was unusual in the way it was engineered by the Spirit Team, and that it was comprised of everything that the delegate had originally described – and more!!! This group had a break in the middle of the sitting for ‘tea and cakes’, when we all left the room and moved across the corridor to a kitchenette. An ‘Independent Spirit Voice’ would tell us when it was time for the break and (if we stayed too long) would inform us that it was time to return to the séance room as they were waiting for us!!

There was no ‘cabinet’ in the room in which the circle sat, and nobody at all went into trance. There was no suggestion whatsoever of ‘Ectoplasm’, but with everybody wide awake – the phenomena happened!! The Spirit Visitors amongst us were quite solid to the point that – on more than one occasion – a large and heavy male Spirit person gently pulled up one of the ladies in the room and danced with them!! This happened to Sandra, and she was quite ‘blown away’ by the experience. Knowing what we do now, and after the later sessions we held at Scole, it is quite obvious that the superb phenomena there was ‘Energy-Based’, and that the solid Spirit visitors were ‘teleported’ into the room in exactly the same manner as we enjoyed later at Scole.

So you see – in my own mind – with all these examples to draw on, I am absolutely certain that ‘Energy-Based’ phenomena is NOT NEW, but has been ongoing over almost two centuries, if not before that as well.


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