Einsteins Theory Proven Correct

Science has finally claimed they have detected gravitational waves in space, which is the theory of relativity that einstein predicted over a century ago.

This breakthourgh has excited the physics and astronomy experts who now say they can look at the universe differently from now on. Scientists have always known about the possibilty, but for the most part, it has beeen mainly an unproven theory. However, now a a team of astrophysicists using over a billion dollars of equipment detected the waves when they witnesses the colision of two black – holes. This means the space time theory introduced by Einstein is no longer a theory but a proven fact.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said California Institute of Technology physicist David Reitze

“It’s been a very long road, but this is just the beginning,” Louisiana State University physicist Gabriela Gonzalez told the news conference, touting the opening of a new era in astronomy

How Was This Achived?

This was acheived by using giant laser detectors located in Louisiana and Washington State.

“The colliding black holes that produced these gravitational waves created a violent storm in the fabric of space and time, a storm in which time speeded up, and slowed down, and speeded up again, a storm in which the shape of space was bent in this way and that way,” Caltech physicist Kip Thorne said.

The two laser detectors work together and are known as the Laser Interfermometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which were able to pick up small vibrations of passing gravitational waves. The scientists were then able to convert the waves into sounds and listen to the black holes crashing and merging, which only increased the excitment of the discovery.

The meaning behind this is truly remarkable and opens new doors of research into the universe and the existence of the beginning of time that has been ellusive so far.

“It is really a truly, truly exciting event,” said Abhay Ashtekar, director of Penn State University’s Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos. “It opens a brand new window on the universe.”

Perhaps we are now getting closer to understanding theories as fact such as space time travel and the reality of space matter.To get a sense of this, imagine that you are swimming in a pond when someone drops a giant rock into it. However, instead of simply bobbing up and down with the resulting ripples, imagine that the ripples physically caused you to get larger and smaller as they passed through you. That’s essentially what happens when gravitational waves pass through space in the universe

Perhaps our reality is about to change and what has been known for thousands of years is now being taken even more seriously.

via Einstein gravitational waves theory proven

via Einstein Gravitational Theory Proven Right — a Century Later

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