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Easter The Afterlife Month

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I deliberately waited to mention this because of the time and the reason behind this brief message. Easter Sunday has just passed, it is the month of March and spring. A time for renewal and rebirth, and as far as the Christian Calendar is concerned, it is a time of the celebration of Christs resurrection. Amongst the turmoil of the world, beauty exists and knowledge sparks life into light.

However, even though this is a time of renewal and new birth, perhaps we can look at this easter spring time as a time where one of the greatest spiritual teachers on earth proved that life continues, and the reality of the afterlife is real and a truth of universal love. Nothing separates us and nothing ever will, for we are eternal beings. In this month, there are examples of healings, of understanding the universe and growing closer to the reality of who we are. This is the time to grow in faith and harmony and to take the power that is your divine right. It is your fundamental divine right. Revelations are perceptions and perceptions are illusions of truth.

Jock Brocas
Jock Brocas is a professional medium, Researcher, and Author. He is also the president of the ASSMPI and editor in chief of The Otherside Press. Jock works closely with his colleagues to share knowledge with three lessons in mind, Love, forgiveness, and compassion.