Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go?

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go


There is a reason that i have left this particular article till the end of the Valentine’s day, and one of the reasons is because what i may write may cause some controversy. At this time of the year, the loss of a loved one is felt even harder than christmas and oftentimes the grief that you have been trying to deal with is further exacerbated with the reality that your loved ones are no longer with you in the material world. However, they live and have never left you, and that is a fact and constant truth!

Such a bold statement, and if i may, allow me to try and get you to look at another avenue of your grief and ask you “Do you love your loved ones enough to let them go,” and before you go and grab your pitchfork to come after me, try and contemplate the reasoning.

Have you considered that you may be putting your own feelings in front of everything else and feeling so lost and empty after grieving for a considerable time is becoming a comfortable blanket that you have grown attached to because you refuse to spread your wings and fly from the nest of grief with your loved ones. You are not meant to be a prisoner in the prison you have created. I understand that sometimes there is a feeling of not getting out and not having the freedom you need. Do you think your loved ones want to see what you are doing to yourself?

They call your name and you do not hear, they caress you gently and you cannot feel, they send you communication in the form of intuitive thought and you cannot think. The one pattern that is true is that you create your own barriers, you are stuck in your grief because you don’t try to move through and touch the veil of the other side. If only you knew that the longing touch you want to feel can be reality, to hear the voice could bring a smile to your heart, to communicate with your loved one using the language of the soul is not just fantasy but is entirely possible and is a reality. There would be no prison because the shackles of grief have been smashed in recognizing the reality of the power of your own soul. The way you can achieve this breakthrough and have that ethereal relationship is to love them enough to let them go and be the reality of the spiritual soul they are, for you know that you can commune with them easily when you let go.

I know at first this seems hard and almost impossible to do, because you have become accustomed to your grief like a crying child. Just like a child you love, you will caress and comfort the child to keep the child calm when it cries and then as the child becomes accustomed to that positive loving energy, the child will grow and your love bond becomes stronger. The crying has ceased and is no longer a part of the child’s experience and so your grief ceases and the bond is stronger than ever – you begin to have a closer communicative relationship. The reality of your loving bond and your real touch and sound of your loved ones is as real as the air you breathe. Just let them go, tell them and you it is alright to move on and feel the barriers you have created be broken down.



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