Deathbed Visions

What do the dying see?

On more than one occasion family members have shared with me what their loved ones were saying weeks, days, moments before transitioning. Occasionally I was the one witnessing their descriptive visions.

I receive emails from people all over the globe who want to tell me their stories after seeing the You-Tube video of me speaking in Sedona about such experiences.

Recently I received this email and I asked permission to share with others. She replied, “You are welcome to share this with anyone who could benefit from it dear, after all, helping and loving is the reason we are here, isn’t it.” Bless her!!

“My late Mother had a near death experience. She had a heart attack and crashed three times. She spoke of colors and music unlike anything here on earth and of beautiful beings and peace and didn’t want to come back. My Father, before he died, was very afraid. Until one day I visited him at the nursing home and I noticed he seemed different. He told me that Jesus came and sat on the side of his bed and told him not to be afraid and that he would come for him and take him home. He lost all fear after that. He said to me, ‘We will meet again in God’s garden and everything will be wonderful.’”

Another person gave me permission to share his story:

“My Mum had a terrible final six months of life before she died. She ended up having a severe stroke which left her more or less immobile and she spent the last five weeks of her life in a hospital bed. As a result of the stroke she was unconscious most of the time, growing ever weaker because she couldn’t swallow enough food to stay alive. She was put on what was called the Liverpool Pathway, which is palliative care.

When it was clear the end was approaching, my sister, wife and I decided we would take turns staying 24/7 with Mum in the hospital because she always said she didn’t want to die alone. Four days before she died I was staying with her overnight. She was physically very weak at that point, had been unconscious for a long time and didn’t respond in any meaningful way to our voices or touch. About 2 A.M. her eyes suddenly opened real wide and a big smile came across her face. She tried to lift herself up, held her right arm out and waved towards the corner of the room which was dimly lit at the time. I could see her lips moving like she was talking to someone but there were no words coming out. Then she said, quite clearly, ‘No, not yet ‘and then, after a short pause, ‘Bye’, before closing her eyes and falling back into unconsciousness. I want to stress that up to this point she hadn’t been able to move unless the nurses moved her and certainly hadn’t spoken proper words for a long time. Two days later I was staying overnight again and, at around the same time, the same thing happened. This time she said, ‘Hi ya’, and then ‘Yes’. Mum died the next day.

I decided to tell my sister about what had happened. I hadn’t done so previously because she was an emotional wreck and I didn’t want to upset her even more. She went very quiet and told me that she had had the same experience when she overnighted with Mum between my two experiences.

Mum wasn’t on any sedation or painkillers when this happened and neither of us saw any sign of what she was seeing. I don’t know who came for her on each of those three occasions and why she wanted to hold on the first time. Maybe she just wanted to spend time a little longer with her family around her.”

I always pay attention to those dear patients sharing their visions and honor them. For indeed it is an honor to be there with them.



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