Dealing With New Year’s Grief

Dealing With New Year’s Grief

Many loved ones pass during the Christmas and new year season, and for some, this is more sensitive than any time of the year. Perhaps because it is the season of love and when you should be around your loved ones enjoying the festivities. However, there are times when our loved ones time to pass happens to be at that time, and whilst it may feel unfair to choose such an auspicious timeline, it does teach many lessons but hurts even harder than usual.

It can be difficult to move into the new year with the fervor to change and revel in the challenges that life may throw you. Rather than being full of excitement, you are full of dread and sadness as the feeling of abandonment or guilt or anger sets in. No one can measure your grief or at what stage you may be in.

I am not one for labeling grief and settling on various stages as dictated by well-known theorists and philosophers. Personally, I feel that everyone’s grief is unique and no one can really identify your own personal stage. In my own grief when losing my Father, I certainly never experienced all those stages of grief that counsellors and theorists label. I guess there are many people who experience things at different stages and some – based on their own emotion and relationship, will experience grief in an entirely different way.

Moving into the new year after losing a loved one can make you look at life differently – especially if your emotions are leaning more toward the negative aspect. However, one good bit of advice that I can share with you is the reality that what you experience is temporary and that recognizing that your loved ones are very much alive and well on the Otherside of life can put your emotional scale tipping on the more positiveness of the situation. Perhaps one thing you can do is to say an affirmation of the continuation of life after death of the physical body. Something simple to remind you that we are all greater than the sum total of materialistic experience.

After Death Affirmation

“I know that life continues after death and that death is an illusion I do not need to believe in. My loved ones are near and I await the sign of their presence whenever that should come, I will be ready to receive and believe.”

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You may want to write your own affirmation, but something like this will help to reprogram your emotional tipping balance and make you more open to receiving the signs of your loved one’s presence.

This is only one small thing you can do to help you and opening yourself to the truth of the afterlife will make you more prone to receiving communication from your loved ones. You need not suffer at this time and your suffering is created by yourself as you feel so lost and that is ok. It is part of the reality of our experience and lessons of life and living. Go into this year with that one affirmation and open yourself to feeling the love from the other side.

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