Conflict resolution in spirit realm

A previous article on “Spirit realm as information structures” discussed a low-level description of the spirit realm presented to us by an extraterrestrial Zeta being speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden. Entities in the spirit realm were described using the analogy of a hierarchical structure of information threads. A spirit being at the lowest level of the hierarchy lives a physical incarnation to accumulate experiences and then returns to the spirit realm information field. According to the Zeta, “The informational field has the ability to create any construct, any belief system, any existence that a human soul requires.” So on its return, the spirit being perceives a familiar environment consistent with its own expectations.

The spirit realm information field is experienced at a higher level when the information is decoded by a being’s perceptions.  The Zeta said, “If you wish, you can perceive yourself to be of a human construct. But also if you do not wish to live in that construct, then you do not.” Since the environment that is created is based on expectations, we might wonder if spirits deal with conflict as they did in the physical form.

In the physical lifetime, they sometimes encountered situations where their desires conflicted with those of others. They might have found ways to compromise to get some of what they wanted, they may have fought to get everything they wanted, or they may have agreed to part company and each go their own way. Does a similar kind of conflict resolution also occur in the spirit realm? Do spirits incarnate so they can experience the opportunities for growth that conflict offers? These concerns prompted the following series of questions for the Zeta.

Interviewer: I sometimes wonder about the purpose of our physical existence here. It occurred to me that the creative process is not the same here as it is in the energetic realm, and I think that freewill is more easily obstructed in our physical existence than elsewhere. Is that the reason why people incarnate in physical form, so they can interfere with each other’s desires?

Zeta: Amusing question, to interfere you say, why?

Interviewer: Well, we often do that, one person wants to do one thing, and another person thinks we should be doing something else, and we can’t just wave a wand and each have our own way.

Zeta: Much simpler for you, yes. For the spirit people that come into the human form, they desire experience. To leave the energetic realm and to move to physical is much excitement for them, to go on a journey.

Interviewer: Is the excitement because they have to deal with other people’s wishes and desires in conflict with theirs?

Zeta: There is a dynamic environment within the physical, yes, and of course the spirit people do not have the potential to experience the physical within the spirit realm.

Interviewer: In the energetic realm where the creative process seems more straightforward, how are conflicts resolved between two beings at the same level of consciousness? If one wishes to have an environment one way and the other wishes to have the environment a different way.

Zeta: Then they split off and both environments exist.

Interviewer: So then those two beings will not be associated with each other any longer?

Zeta: If it is a spirit realm entity, yes. Then what is to take place is the imagery of the two beings integrated into each other’s reality.

Interviewer: So multiple versions of each …

Zeta: Correct.

A similar conversation at another time by another interviewer expanded on how conflict is resolved in the spirit realm.

Interviewer: Are all the conflicts we have here also in the spirit world?

Zeta: No, what if all of the entities in this room except you are a figment of the consciousness?

Interviewer: Ok, because there is no physical form, there’s a different existence?

Zeta: Yes. it is a different existence. You would be isolated from those spirit realm friends if you wished to harm them. But you would not know that you were in separation from them because you would have created your own reality. 

Interviewer: So all of the others that believe the same would be in the same space anyway?

Zeta: No, they would be in their own space. They have no physical form, and they are of consciousness. They live their own story.

Interviewer: And so the people they bring into their story…

Zeta: Do not exist, are like the human mind, creates injury but the story isn’t heard, your imagination. So the real spirit people who mean no harm are allowed, through a frequency of love, to connect to each other.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: And you would not be allowed to harm consciousness as consciousness are not real. Also, from what we have seen and learnt about the spirit realm, the core frequency would negate, diminish, not allow the entity’s consciousness to become part of the core belief structure.

The Zeta did not say whether or not the opportunity for conflict resolution motivated spirits to incarnate. He did say, however, that spirits do not have the possibility to experience physical existence within the spirit realm, and that is why they are often excited to have the opportunity to incarnate. Presumably, conflict is one of the experiences they expect to have.

Conflict can occur in the spirit realm but, interestingly, it would not be noticed. When two spirits have an irreconcilable disagreement with each other, their environments split so that each goes their own way in separate realities. This would not be noticed since a simulacrum of the other is created by each spirit’s creative process.

Every spirit lives their own story as they would like it to be. They may harm others, but these others are simulacra, and the harm occurs only in the spirit’s imagination. The consciousness of a simulacrum is not real, so it cannot be harmed in a dispute. It also would not become part of the “core belief structure” held by the conscious entity that is spirit realm.

Real spirit people who mean no one any harm are able to connect with each other through a vibrational state of love.

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