Christmas Compassion And Love

Today is a special day, it is Christmas 2017; it is a day where we celebrate with lovely food, gifts and laughter. Today, you should count your blessings and be thankful for the miracle of life that you live and the blessings you receive from your loved ones. It is not a day about gifts, it is not a day about getting your fill, though it is intimated in the beginning. This day is about love, it is about that universal force that is the animating power of existence.

Many on this day, forget what the Christmas period is all about and we get lost in the materialism of life, but nothing can remove the reality that many of our friends, brothers and sisters find this as a sad time. They feel lost and hopeless because of loss and one or many chairsĀ  may be missing at the Christmas festive table.

Please save a place in your mind for those who have lost loved ones and those who have very little in the material sense. Think about them in a loving and kind way, and send a prayer for them. This is the currency of spirit and the greatest gift that you can give freely with you heart. Move into a peaceful mindful aspect of Christmas and feel the force of love that surrounds us all.

Look beyond the material world for sometimes the gift that is the greatest is the one given of the heart with no monetary value but love. There is an abundance of love and we can give this love freely. We can also forgive others and those who have perhaps judged in false perception, for the reality is that forgiveness and compassion is the real gift that supports the love we can share.

For those of you who are missing your loved ones; I have this to share, open your heart and your soul to hear and feel them arround. The loving vibration of their love, the feeling of a spiritual hug and even the interaction within your material realm. Today of all day is a day of signs that Your loved ones have never left you and today of all days, they will be near you. Call on them and talk with them for they will surely answer. They will be in the breeze that gently caresses you, they may be the song that you hear in your mind or even a sign that means something to you in visitation. They are not gone, they celebrate with you and will be forever with you, there is no need for you to feel abandoned and alone for you are not. In all of our hearts you all exist and in the spirit of love you are truly alive.

We wish that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and that you try and take action by truly living by love, forgiveness and compassion.

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