Change Is The Only Constant

I hope you have all recovered from the festivities and had a chance to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Now that we are moving into the next year, it is time to consider what changes can be made to bring you one step closer to spiritual fulfillment.

No Matter what path you follow, each dawn of a new year is often a good time to reflect – not on the past, but more of how you can make the future bright and happy. Take some time to meditate, and if you are not someone who meditates, perhaps now is a good time to try. Think about how you can change for the better, how you may choose words that comfort and heal rather than having an opposite effect. How you can be more mindful and live in the present moment. You could even start that Journal you wanted to, or make an effort to be of service to others this year.

Do not think on mistakes you believe you have made for mistakes are only born of human perception – mere missed opportunities to grow. Step boldly into a new time, glance only to the past, but look forward in the present to co-create your future. Change is constant and change allows us to spiritually grow.

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