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A reason for Illness and Healing.

Healing or illness arises out of various needs and that may sound strange but it is a fact that we create our surroundings more specifically in spirit where we organise what difficulties we must incur for the benefit of our spiritual progression, but we also shape, here by means of our freewill and we may say that why would someone want to be ill but that in itself is a condition, isn’t it?
Illness manifests for various reasons our inability to cope for example with any given situation and the resultant stress. The fact that we have chosen a life “marred” by illness is a brave choice and so of the most advanced and beautiful souls have chosen lives of complete dependence on others and therefore at the complete mercy of others.

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Robin Foy
Robin Foy is best known for his work with the Scole Experiment and is considered one of the original pioneers in physical mediumship using new energy based methodology. He is the author of several books on physical mediumship and is a true expert.

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