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Why spirits choose the illusion of matter

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In the conversations with the Zetas via the medium, Paul Hamden, the purpose of existence was occasionally addressed. They explained that we are all facets of a source consciousness, and that we exist to accumulate and compare experiences.  An earlier article discussed how experiences in energetic realms are based on information in consciousness created by a being’s intentions. Since the …

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How matter is an illusion

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From conversations with extraterrestrial Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden, I came to realize how our physical universe and all it contains is an illusion. These conversations are documented and discussed in several freely available books and articles. The realization was strongly supported by Edward Close in his book, Transcendental Physics. Close explained how modern physics requires that the …

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UFO Government Information Released

In Featured, Paranormal, UFO by Nick Pope2 Comments

In June 2013 the UK Government released what was (at the time) billed as the final batch of Ministry of Defence (MoD) UFO files – part of a wider project to declassify and release the entire archive of these files and transfer them to the National Archives. Nick Pope used to work on these files – and indeed wrote some …

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Introduction to Zeta Communications

In Extra Terrestrial, Featured, Physical Mediumship, Science Connections, The Nature Of Consciousness Space by William Treurniet1 Comment

For the past several years, we have accumulated a number of interviews with extraterrestrial beings speaking through Paul Hamden, the medium. To make a connection, beings from the Zeta race create a preparatory state for Paul. When he enters into this state, they take over and the Zeta or another ET speaks through him using his speech apparatus. Most often …

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The Nature Of Consciousness Space

In Extra Terrestrial by William Treurniet1 Comment

Beings from the non-terrestrial Zeta race have given us much information via the medium, Paul Hamden, about the nature of the energetic realms and our place in it. They explain that consciousness is the basis for all existence, and there are constraints on experience that are analogous to our physical laws. This point of view resolves problems that our science …

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Opinion Setters: What to Believe

In All Things Etheric, All Things Etheric, Mediumship, Parapsychology, Science of Mediumship by Tom Butler2 Comments

The Seeker’s Way If you consider yourself a paranormalist, then you are probably a seeker in search of spiritual maturity. One of the things that distinguish you from mainstream society is the realization that you have a part to play as a citizen of a greater reality. For all of us, coming to understand what that means and how to …

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In All Things Etheric, All Things Etheric, Featured, Paranormal by Tom Butler3 Comments

Let Us Begin This is my first offering to The Otherside Press, and it seems like a good idea to begin with an explanation of why I am here. Speaking with Jock Brocas, the founder of this publication, it is clear that The Otherside Press is all about promoting a high standard of mediumship and cultivating spirituality. While mediumship and …

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Life After Life

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In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after death started a revolution in popular attitudes about the afterlife and established Dr. Moody as the world’s leading authority in the field of near-death experiences.

Potentials of Consciousness

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Etzel Cardena: “What do anomalous experiences tell us about the potentials of consciousness?” Etzel Cardeña holds the Thorsen Chair in Psychology at Lund University in Sweden. He heads the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP). His three interconnected areas of research are: 1) The scientific study of consciousness alterations and anomalous experiences, experiences that do not necessarily …