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New NDE Research Reveals God Experience

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New research carried out by the #Near Death Experience Foundation has revealed the occurring theme of a “deep and unconditional love” within the majority of all near death experiences. This data was compiled from a mass amount of reports of people who have experienced these paranormal episodes. Dr. Jeffrey Long stated “I was struck by the remarkable consistency,” noting the experience …

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Opinion Setters: What to Believe

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The Seeker’s Way If you consider yourself a paranormalist, then you are probably a seeker in search of spiritual maturity. One of the things that distinguish you from mainstream society is the realization that you have a part to play as a citizen of a greater reality. For all of us, coming to understand what that means and how to …

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Life Afterlife takes an intriguing look at the eternal question: Is there life after death? And if so, can we communicate with the dead? Through personal stories from everyday people who claim they’ve made contact with deceased friends and relatives, to self-proclaimed mediums, to philosophers and scientists who’ve dedicated their lives to these issues, this film examines the fact and …

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The Science of Eternity

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The greatest question affecting each and every human being is the question of death and dying. Do we simply cease to exist or do we pass quite naturally into the next world? Astounding personal encounters with supposedly dead relatives coupled with new scientific evidence based on quantum physics (the study of the invisible part of the universe) suggests that WE …