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The Cause and Effect Of Man

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 In this séance Mickey talks about (after some gadding about!) Mans cause and effect not just for the world but also in his effects upon others. In this he also mentions the “fruits” that we bear and whether you believe in manifestation or not there is certainly the imposition of will by some who do not care what kind of …

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Queen Victoria and John Brown

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Hi all. Many do not know the true story of Queen Victoria and John Brown. Victoria’s medium was Robert James Lees; he was also involved in the Ripper case. When Queen Victoria asked him to be “her medium” He said to her why me you have someone closer to home or similar words. Lees of course meant John Brown. In …

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Leo and Leslie – All About Mickey

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This week it’s about Mickey, who is Leslie’s Guide, Mickey had been with Leslie for a long time. My part is being kept brief because this is a long transcription.   Many times he spoke himself as in this transcription and he gives his own personal experiences and on odd occasions “going off “ to find  out information for those …