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Here we try to gather a wide variety of books that may help expand our knowledge of the other side and how we may communicate and learn. Some books are new releases, some are based on the very latest research and some are classic texts decades old whose relevance and insight remain valuable. If your bookshelf includes a volume that we should also include here, please let us know -book review submissions are welcomed and encouraged! Please use the Contact link at the top of the screen to let us know.

To Prove What He Always Said Was True

"Harrison Connections, Tom Harrison's 'Desire to Communicate' to Prove What He Always Said was True" takes the reader on a lively trip through and...
Stewart Alexander

An Extraordinary Journey By Stewart Alexander

I wanted to write this myself and not because Stewart is a Prominent Member of the ASSMPI, but because when this book was first...

Book Review: The Russell Connection by Gwen Byrne

A beautiful story and tale of reuniting children in the spirit world with their parents Through Physical Mediumship and Trance
Book Review: "In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship" by Robin Foy

Book Review: ‘In Pursuit Of Physical Mediumship’ by Robin P Foy

As the title suggests, this is the journey through physical mediumship for the author Robin Foy. While I found this to be a compelling...
afterlife of billy fingers

The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers

Afterlife Of Billy Fingers Some may find this review quite surprising. I am reviewing 'The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers' both as a professional in the...
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