The Quick Zeta Primer

An extraterrestrial cosmology and human existence

Extraterrestrial Zeta beings were interviewed through the medium, Paul Hamden, and these interviews were documented in a book, “A primer of the Zeta race”. The Zetas gave us a cosmology based on consciousness which shows how our universe of matter is one aspect of a greater reality. Some have found the book to be somewhat difficult to absorb, and so we wrote this abridged version, "The quick Zeta primer". The abridged version is about one-tenth the length of the original book. It briefly introduces many concepts from the interviews with the Zetas. The simpler presentation should help to understand the more extensive information discussed in the original book.
About the Book
William Treurniet
William Treurniet has published scientific research on psychoacoustics in science and engineering journals. Since retiring from that work, he coauthored a book with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled “A primer of the Zeta race”, based on interviews via the medium with non-terrestrial Zeta beings. The book teaches us about the nature of existence in the energetic realms, and discusses our relationship with the spirit world and other extraterrestrial races. He has also done some exploratory research on electronic voice phenomena.
William Treurniet

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Publication Year: 2016
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