The Power Of Angel Medicine Book Review

The Power Of Angel Medicine Book Review
Genre: Healing
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: New Page Books
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1601633742
ISBN: 1601633742

This Angel Healing book has been receiving accolades from professionals in the field of medicine and healing and has helped scores of individuals with self healing.

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About the Book
While all of Joanne Brocas’s books are superb, I especially have found this one to be helpful. Not surprisingly, Brocas’s serenity and high vibrational state come through in her elegant language and reassuring tone, and even without the excellent technical details, one can feel calm after a mere casual reading; however, a careful reading of this book is truly required, as Brocas astutely explains the intricacies of angels. How one can determine which archangels and angels are especially linked to particular needs? Brocas explains that, while each person has “one prominent guardian angel who is sent to you by God to help guard, guide, and protect you throughout your life’s journey,” there are others that we can call upon when we suffer from such afflictions as depression, insomnia and Post-traumatic stress disorder. Brocas provides exercises for accessing angelic assistance for the mind and body; however, these are not exercises that I had ever previously come across, and I have found them most helpful, unique and sensible. Further, the book sensitively explores the ways that one can adjust the one’s energy and even repair karmic patterns that might be in need of resolution. I would recommend this wonderful book, as it truly is a must for anyone interested in learning about angels from an expert.
Dr. Cristina Zaccarini
Associate Professor, Co-Director of Asian Studies
Adelphi University
300 South Avenue
Garden City, NY  11530Office: (516) 877-4788
email: [email protected]

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