Deadly Departed – The Afterlife Book By Jock Brocas

Deadly Departed – The Afterlife Book By Jock Brocas

Hailed As A Spiritual Classic On The Afterlife

Renowned evidential medium and spirit interventionist, Jock Brocas shares of lifetime of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the realms of the departed and how to safely interact with them. this book is sure to be a classic on the shelves of every spiritualist, seeker and practitioner.

About the Book


Deadly Departed has been hailed as a spiritual classic for mediums, researchers and those in the medical profession. It is a living book according to the author and takes a completely different stance and approach to the subject of the afterlife and of course what is considered to be paranormal.

Rev Kevin Says;

If you think the spirit world is host only to angels, fluffy cute spirits and little Joy guides… You are sadly mistaken. There are yet other somewhat common lesser negative beings and more concerning higher negative beings we simply cannot understand with our human minds yet we can encounter them and sense them at any point – sadly they can interact with us in slow, insidious and sadistic ways we often wont recognize! (Interestingly enough, the Catholic Priests (that most laugh at and ridicule) who have been trained in handling such beings DO know what they speak of on this matter (and have for hundreds of years) and their religious cautions should be taken into consideration and heeded for good reasons. Know that I am not, nor ever was, Catholic.) One must be very prepared when you open the door to the spirit world for a “look-see.” Would you open the door to strangers knocking to come in? No? Then why would you open a door not knowing how to shut it much less to protect yourself first?!? This book will prepare you in profound ways to better judge your spiritual environment and the souls of light and darkness seeking your attention. Knowledge is true Power! But One’s Faith is even Stronger!

I am very grateful to have had the privilege of proof-reading this book a year ago and it is quite exceptional but definitely an adult read – not for children.

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Publisher: MPM Books
Publication Year: July 2018
ISBN: 9781944068776
List Price: 19.99
eBook Price: 9.99
'"'Though Jock and I approach our subject matter from very differing spiritual perspectives, I can recognize the breadth of his experience and knowledge. I especially give him credit for his willingness not to deny the "dark side" of the realm of spiritualism and mediumship. Given his personal journey he is unusually well aware of the role of less benign spiritual elements in the world of the various phenomena he explores."
– --Richard E. Gallagher, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry
Jock Brocas has provided an intricate guide in this book for professional mediums, developing mediums and prospective mediums alike to alert them to the important responsibilities they have toward their clients during the demonstration of their mediumship. ...This book is important to all mediums and potential mediums that are serious about avoiding the dangerous pitfalls that confront them in the demonstration and practice of their Mediumship.
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