Book Review: ‘In Pursuit Of Physical Mediumship’ by Robin P Foy

As the title suggests, this is the journey through physical mediumship for the author Robin Foy. While I found this to be a compelling read, wanting to continue turning the pages even while the midnight oil burnt; I found that while the facts were all presented, I would have loved to know how the author felt about the phenomena presented around him. This is a factual read more so than an emotional one and I must admit that I relish a book with passion and sensitivity. I love to feel that I am right there with the writer during their endeavours.

Despite this I did find many personal “aha” moments as I delved further through Robin’s account of his pursuit of physical mediumship. It helped me to recognise some of the things that are occurring in my own mediumship and I can imagine how it would assist other developing mediums in their own quests.

There were many insights to other physical mediums, which I quite enjoyed. I felt it was nice to learn how others started and also how they worked once developed. While I enjoyed hearing about the Leslie Flint voice séances, a few less transcripts would have made for more flow during the book. I must confess to skimming somewhat over the many records of the communicators from the Flint sittings.

I particularly enjoyed the information on the Noah’s Ark Society (an organisation for the development of physical mediumship which was open to mediums and home circles alike) that Robin founded at the suggestion from spirit. It certainly assisted many home circles and helped physical mediumship to progress as a whole.

This book outlines the intense need for harmony within a circle and once that is realised, what can be achieved by the spirit world and those sitting with the purest of intentions. From the humble beginnings of the home circle to the now famous Scole Experimental Group, Robin has become a pioneer in the “New Energy” that spirit are harnessing instead of the often volatile Ectoplasm.

If you are interested in physical mediumship, this book is a must read and if you are into research, it should already be on your shelf! I for one am delighted that Robin shared his journey and helped to blaze the trail for the rest of us.

This is a book that I would highly recommend to those with some understanding already as the uninitiated will most likely not know some of the terms being referred to and will get lost.

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