Bonds Of Love Through Grief

Grieving Love

From Spirit, Through Spirit, To Spirit

It’s easy for anyone who has yet to suffer grief or to really understand that concept, to say that your loved ones still love you, their bonds of love can never be broken. A counsellor or therapist can easily say that you are still loved whilst looking into their notes or recounting information they have learned by theoretical study. A good medium can be the spark to the catalyst to the healing journey and the comfort of knowing they are well in spirit, but I know and you all know – that is not enough.

Feel The Love Through Your Grief

This month we are going to learn to feel that love, and to recognize the reality that it is still there and the real truth is, love is constant, unassuming, but yet the most powerful force in the universe that captivates our soul and holds us close to its bosom. I want you to forget about the words that are spoken glibly and take yourself on the journey through grief, part of that journey is learning to feel – to develop that Clairsentient feeling that is the real you. Its time to feel it and rather than spout theory and repetitious patterns of spoken word without feeling.

I have felt loss and like you all, understand that everyone deals with grief in their own way. Even my own thoughts and understandings are part of my experience and my perception, and I do not maintain them to be truth to you, though they are truth to me. Perhaps it’s easier for me to Journey through grief more than someone else due to the fact that I am a medium and I do not believe in the afterlife. Ah, now I have your attention and I know that you are thinking “How can a medium not believe in the afterlife”? Allow me to explain; I do not believe, because believing implies disbelief or learned pattern of behavior due to someone else’s experience or perceptions. I KNOW¬†the afterlife is real and therefore I have no reason to believe, my knowing holds no enquiry and my faith is steadfast in the truth of this reality. Therefore, I also know how powerful love is and how the reality of the afterlife is fueled by love. But, and I say this with some authority, I know also that when our loved ones leave this plane of existence, it is very difficult for you as the individual who is suffering the loss to really and truly believe that your loved ones are still there and that your love is still as strong as it was when you could see, feel, hear and touch the material aspect of that souls existence. No matter who you see for counsel, it is not as real as feeling the truth for yourself and no amount of spoken words will deeply comfort you. As I have maintained, you do not heal grief, you journey through it, you become part of it and you love it as part of your experience – no matter how tough it may be.

Hearing The Voice Of Grief

Talk to me I asked God, and he spoke.”I am here, can’t you hear me, I am in the trees that you hear blowing in the breeze, I am the whistle in the wind. I am within the water that you sit by, the crying of a child, the voice of your friend, the whisp of the butterflies, the sight of the rainbow. Open your eyes that you may see, your ears that you may hear and your heart that you may know. I am here! TC Through the Mediumship of JB

One of the things you have to recognize, there is a voice of grief, but it is not a negative voice, it is a voice of love that calls to you every minute of the day and you have to learn its language. Yes there are signs of the spirit world, and yes I know that no matter how many times you are told of these signs such as butterflies, of music, of words you hear. They will never make that impact until you learn how the voice calls to you and how you tune to its language. For every one sign that you may have recognized, there are thousands that you have missed. I hope that you will not miss these anymore and that after you take the first step on the journey, you may begin to hear the feint voices in the distance, that ignition that causes the energy of love to pulsate though your soul and cleanse you from the hurt. So how do we begin. We relearn to BREATHE!

You came into this world through the breathe of life and in that breath is all the secrets and keys to the universe. For the most part, we do not think about breathing and it is almost something we take for granted. But If I can show you how to recognize the reality of the secrets of the breath, then you will have the keys to love, of knowing the reality of your souls energy. The space in-between the breath is where that secret is harbored. It is also where the keys to feeling your loved ones exist, the seeds of the energy of love, waiting to be tended to.

Feeling The Space

What I want you to do is to learn to breathe again. As I have said, learning this deeper aspect, you will unlock the power of that language of the soul, then your experiences are all the more vivid, real and healing. However learning to do everything does not happen overnight and it takes some time to get rid of the old habits. Taking a short time each day and each evening will start you on your journey in being able to deeply know and feel that love coming from your loved ones. Here’s the exciting part for you all, Its not all pomp and circumstance and is easy to do. I am going to give you one tool to help you on the beginning of your journey and each month, I will add more.

Upon Waking 

When you awake in the morning, before you look at your clock, jump from your bed, worrying that you have to be on time for your routine, for the office, to clean or to do anything, though sometimes when grief grips you, getting up is far from your mind. So I want you to just change the one thing you do but don’t do. I want you to breathe.

When you recognize that your body is awakening, that your physical self is moving and waking – Do Nothing. Just take one deep breath, the deepest breath you can take and hold it for a moment. In that moment, try to recognize the external signs of life. Listen for the birds, listen to nature awakening, listen to your heart. Breathe out, and on your out breath, be thankful to spirit or God or whatever you are comfortable with. Say this mantra in your mind.

Breathing I remember myself. Breathing I awaken my soul. Breathing I am ready to see. Breathing I am Aware .Breathing I am ready to receive. Breathing, I am ready to heal.

Do this Three times only. The same thing each day without fail. Next month we will move on to the next step and I will discuss the next part of the Journey Through Grief.

Let me know below how you are doing with your breathing.


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