Biblical Precipitation Mediumship

Over 2,000 years ago, three mystical stories began to play out, ultimately were written down and are now a part of the formalized book of letters known as the Bible. Within the stories we find “clues and concepts” that support the core belief of Divine Metaphysicians, Spiritualists and Spiritists worldwide – mainly that of the “continuity of life after the change called death.” This core concept is supported within these old stories through the aspects detailed that many have come to call “precipitation mediumship”, “spirit writing” and by Spiritists as “pneumatography” (spirit writing independent of a medium’s hand.)

The first biblical account of spirit writing is actually the most famous. In 1445 BCE the story speaks of Moses being guided up Mount Sinai where he received (twice actually) the Ten Commandments of God’s moral and spiritual laws for the Jews. While some biblical translations detail how “the finger of God” (Spirit) wrote them, there is no clear proof that these writings were engraved/carved into each tablet or precipitated onto the tablets. What is the most likely consideration is that these writings in either form of manifestation were materialized through an intelligent (thinking) spirit mind.

Moving forward through the sacred text to the book of Daniel’s chapter 5, we find a story set in the year 539 BCE in the famed city of Babylon (located now in modern day Iraq). King Belshazzar was reveling in his recent victory and ransacking of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple by drinking and eating (basically by defiling) from the stolen relics. A hand materialized and (again through intelligent spirit control) began “to write upon the temple wall in a strange and foreign tongue” (precipitation and spirit writing). The king’s best seers and mediums were all unable to interpret the writings. The queen suggested another seer praised by prior kings for his spiritual wisdom and known as Daniel. Daniel successfully interpreted these writings which predicted the king’s death and an attack on Babylon within one day. And such came true.

The final interesting account of precipitation and spirit writing in the Bible we find in the book of 2nd Chronicles chapter 21, verse 12. The time period is estimated to be around 850 BCE. The story’s location suggests this account occurred in the region south of Jerusalem and west of the Dead Sea. The Bible details how a letter was received by Jehoram, the King of Judah, yet it was written by the Prophet Elijah who had “ascended into the Heavens” many years prior.

There was no mention of a person delivering said letter leading one to conclude the letter materialized when it needed to be delivered to Jehoram. This materialized letter contained “intelligently written guidance” from the mind of Elijah who was then in the spirit world. These spirit writings clearly had precipitated forth onto said materialized letter.

And now you know the “holy trinity” of the Bible’s history of precipitated spirit writings. These are surely not the only such accounts among the world’s various religions and philosophies of life. One can only imagine what other writings detailing similar psychic phenomena lay hidden among the scrolls, tablets, manuscripts and books tucked quietly away in a dark corner of a sacred house of worship.

[Author’s notes] Having sat in upwards of 200 physical materialization séances since 2007, I have come to learn and better understand the various aspects of spirit’s influence upon our third dimension of expression. Such phenomena as “precipitated spirit writings” are intelligently controlled, influenced and directed solely by the mind of whichever spirits happen to desire such. The medium, through which such spirits work, provides the necessary spiritual energies required for the phenomena to come forth intelligently and purposefully. Spirits have shared with me how they do utilize the ectoplasmic energies of mainly the medium and to a lesser degree the same type of energies of all sitters present (even organic and inorganic matter present in the room). They are beginning to experiment with non-ectoplasmic energies present in the ethers for said phenomena. Such discussions demonstrate to us a beautiful reminder of how the pathways of life we term Metaphysics, Spiritualism and Spiritism are a threefold way of living that includes not only a philosophical and religious way of living but through our willingness to put our beliefs and our knowing to the test of scientific exploration and consideration we come to know of our pathways as right and true for humanity.

While I consider the sister philosophies and religions of Divine Metaphysics (my religion), Spiritualism and Spiritism to be right and true, I would encourage the reader to remember that we are each individualized expressions of the One Source Reality called God. As such, God has expressed forth as the many religious and philosophical vibrational pathways of life. Each of these spiritual pathways that is different to our own must be respected as right and true for its community of practitioners. Every such spiritual pathway has a right to exist (yes, even those dark and disruptive pathways we see taking place around the world today who don’t believe in the right to the freedoms of religious expression.) We must understand that these dark and disruptive spiritual beliefs exist because they too are “God in Expression” experiencing “itself” through such chaos. Such is not evil (a man made concept) but an unevolved aspect of spiritual nature eagerly trying to find its place alongside our mutual journey back to the Source – back to the light of God’s higher, more evolved, Truth.

Research Considerations: Do you have any precipitated artwork or precipitated spirit writings you wish to share for this author’s continued research and historical preservation? Please submit such images and documents (along with your full permission to reprint/reuse publicly said items) to author Rev. Kevin Lee for consideration:  PsychicGuy2[AT]

Ancient Accounts: The Writing on the Wall –
A look into biblical stories describing Precipitation Mediumship.

To bring all readers to the same level of understanding in this article’s terminology potentially foreign to many, I lay out these definitions.
Materialization – the process by which physical matter is deconstructed molecule by molecule and reconstructed into same or another form (through the intelligent mind of a spirit.)

Precipitation – the process by which matter is rematerialized and falls out of the state of the “etheric solution” similarly to that of ash from smoke or dew from the morning air (through the intelligent mind of a spirit.) Precipitation is a type of materialization.

Spirit writing – the process by which a spirit writes independently of any human hand or controlled instrument.

Ectoplasm – the physicalized life force


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