Bertie’s Return

I am writing this on the 22nd August 2014 as it may take a while to appear in some sources. The reason being to illustrate the timeline involved in the tale.

Anyway those who knew of my beloved Bertie,  my second guide dog,  will remember that he passed to spirit on 18th March of this year.
Both my wife Wendy and I have “seen” Bertie on several occasions, both in our home and in the garden. We have seen his darling face and lovely eyes bright with love looking at us from his new vantage point.

One Sunday evening, several weeks after we “lost” him, I received an excited phone call from my good friend Andreas Vasiliou.
He had just returned from his church in London and couldn’t wait to ring me. He sounded a bit breathless and I, at first, thought something may be wrong. No, the reason for his call stunned me.

The visiting medium called out for him as he was in the back room. He said that he had a blind friend who had just lost his guide dog.
When Andreas confirmed this, he was told to tell me not to worry as the dog was there at that time. The spirit team had brought him to the church in London to give me extra evidence of his continuation in spirit life.

As fantastic as that sounds, that was not to be the end of the tale, or should I say tail? As we continued to see our darling Bertie from time to time thereafter.

Then! And this is the reason for the inclusion of the date above. Last night, the 21st of August, I was drifting off to sleep. It must have been around midnight. Ellis [his ‘new’ guide dog – ed.] was asleep in his bed in the room with me.

Suddenly I felt a nudge on the bed and heard a snuffling sound. I immediately, in my half-wakeful state, thought that Ellis had gotten out of his bed and came over to see me.

I put out my hand and felt a dog’s body beside the bed. Then a nose was pushed against the back of my hand and I felt his dear face. I put my hand out to stroke him and, he was gone!

It was then I heard Ellis in his bed and it dawned on me that he had not actually gotten out of his bed.

It was my darling Bertie had somehow gotten the energy to materialize sufficiently enough for me to be able to hear and also feel him. When I thought about it the next day Ellis doesn’t make that peculiar snuffling sound. It was only Bertie who made that particular noise.

I am writing this in the hope that it may help others who have lost a beloved pet and are at a loss as to whether they actually survive death.
I can honestly say with hand on heart that indeed they do.
– Robin Evans
August 22, 2014

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