Back To Basics – Love Forgiveness and Compassion

Over the last few months, there have been atrocities bound and the world moves backward instead of forward. Ego’s bash ego’s and fight for a place on center stage, whether they belong to a presidential candidate, religious leader or even within the spiritual movement, there seems less trust and more competition and holier than thou attitudes.

The reality is that you can’t hide behind a spiritual facade and you can’t claim you have all the answers. Many events recently have brought up more questions than answers. One person claims righteousness over another, and in the spiritual world, we have underhanded tactics that are almost subversive. In the material world, lives are lost due to ignorance and misunderstandings – perhaps caused by other forces. It is a dark time, but its not too late.

Take A Stand With Three Basic Rules/Laws Of Love Forgiveness and Compassion


The past is the past and the future has not arrived. So what we can do today is to decide to live by these three rules of love forgiveness and compassion. There is no point in trying to teach how others should react or how other’s should live if you can’t live by the realities of the interconnectedness of us all. Therefore if we are all one, why would you want to hurt yourself, it makes no sense. Only three simple laws or rules that you have to learn. It is merely a free will choice that you have to make. To Really understand love and what it means to feel the universal power of love for everything, everyone and in every thought and action. Take action and think of love every moment and only speak with loving intent, think only loving thoughts and act in a loving way.  By making this conscious act and becoming a participant rather than an observer, it will soon become a natural response to act with love in all that you do.


Is this merely a word that is banded around and spoken glibly? Do you really understand what it means to forgive? This is a second law or rule, a most potent and powerful universal energy. Forgiveness is not external to you, it is not something that you give out without thought and without love. Uniquely, it is a lesser degree of love and comes born of the same energy. Forgiveness is the seed that is within you and is exemplified in the forgiveness of yourself that will grow like a tree and will bear fruit allowing you to forgive others. This is also a part of loving yourself and understanding your connection to everything  animated and inanimated. You have no separation.


Understanding and learning the previous two laws or rules of love and forgiveness will allow you to know compassion. You cannot know compassion if you have not learned or understood the power of love or the power of forgiveness. When you act within these two laws, compassion is not only activated within, but it is an inevitable part of your spiritual growth. One must not mix up compassion with pity or compassion with reverence. Compassion is seeing the light of divinity within all. It is feeling the pain or the suffering and observing this with love instead of pity. it is the activation of love and forgiveness in your soul, that you may be able to move forward without the bonds or shackles of material life.

These are the three rules that we should all actively take part in a living, not just on the surface, but really taking an active role. Much like a domino, this energy can affect others in a positive way. We will always have naysayers, ignorance, and unawakened spiritual souls, but living these truths, perhaps we can plant new seeds and water those divine seeds with our love, forgiveness, and compassion.

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