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Tom Butler is an ordained National Spiritualist Teacher, Certified Medium and Commissioned Healer with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. He has studied many things paranormal since his teens, and in 2000, with his wife Lisa, assumed leadership of the Association TransCommunication. He has conducted a number of formal studies intended to establish the objectivity of Instrumental TransCommunication, and with his wife, authored the introductory book for ITC: "There Is No Death and There Are No Dead."With a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronics Engineering, Tom has served as a strategic planner, design and project engineer in the communications industry. He has personally authored "Handbook of Metaphysics," "One Who Cares" (a novel) and "Two Worlds, One Heart" (a novel). His current work concerns identifying objective support for the Survival Hypothesis, from which he has developed the Implicit Cosmology. See supporting essays at ethericstudies.org/concepts.htmYou can learn more about Tom’s work at atransc.org and at his personal site: ethericstudies.org. Also, he is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Tom_Butler and en.citizendium.org/wiki/User:Thomas_Butler
4cell transcommunication
Introduction This essay introduces an experiment protocol that has proven useful for the study of information gathering using Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).1 The protocol was designed to permit four, geographically separated people to cooperate during an EVP session. The initial objective was to find a methodology to improve information gathering; however, a number of important findings came from the study:Distance...
leo and leslie
The Law of Silence can be defined as: Sharing important information with someone who does not respond as well as expected can dissipate the sense of importance of the information. This does not amount to a law so much as it is a cautionary wisdom, but it is a foundation concept for the secrecy often required by ancient wisdom...

The Big Circle

ATransC Big Circle Logo
The Big Circle as a Contact Field I would like to tell you about how a group of people on both sides of the veil joined together to build a contact field. My thought is that, since we in the ASSMPI are building one just by turning our attention to the organization, it might be helpful to integrate the field...
Photo c jack t. andrews used with permission
The Seeker's Way If you consider yourself a paranormalist, then you are probably a seeker in search of spiritual maturity. One of the things that distinguish you from mainstream society is the realization that you have a part to play as a citizen of a greater reality. For all of us, coming to understand what that means and how to...
Abstract This essay focuses on some of the factors controlling the clarity of our communication with others. The idea is that there are different ways of learning and that personal agendas shape what is said and how it is understand. Five speaker-listener characteristics are described in detail and their implications are addressed. The focus is on mediumship and how these...
All Things Etheric by Tom Butler
Like the Winter Solstice, Progression is a cycle of Renewal January is a good time to stand back and consider what we are doing, where we are trying to go and whether or not we are on a path that is right for us. I begin with a discussion about the implications of the Winter Solstice and a brief exploration...


All Things Etheric by Tom Butler
Let Us Begin This is my first offering to The Otherside Press, and it seems like a good idea to begin with an explanation of why I am here. Speaking with Jock Brocas, the founder of this publication, it is clear that The Otherside Press is all about promoting a high standard of mediumship and cultivating spirituality. While mediumship and...
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