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1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000That's the number of stars in the universe -- Neil deGrasse TysonNow, think about this. Our star - you know, the one we call The Sun - has several planets, and at least one is inhabited (that we know of). And by "inhabited," I'm not just talking "people" here. Our little world has all sorts of life forms roaming...
What are we teaching our children?
Recently, I found a copy of a note I’d written some years ago in an attempt to console a friend in his frustration of arguments with people over the idea of life after death. I’d been privy to some of those conversations and sympathized with him. I wrote: “Sometimes I feel like chucking it, too, Jack, but the very people...
Clutter of Thought Creates Pollution in the Astral
I'm often dismayed by the images and 'news' stories that friends share with me via email or social media, often with the comment "This makes me SICK!" or "This has to STOP!" - all the while they are lifting the horror up for me to see and share in. Yes, there is much wrong in the world that needs...
"Harrison Connections, Tom Harrison's 'Desire to Communicate' to Prove What He Always Said was True" takes the reader on a lively trip through and beyond the passing of a loved one, chronicling myriad ways that communications can happen across the veil of death. At the insistence of her late husband  Tom and in support of his lifelong work on...
Spirits allow Marcus Lang to view energy obs with his naked eyes.
This is an adapted version of a facebook conversation between Marcus 'Hoody' Lang and some friends. The topic is so compelling and the photos and information is so intriguing to those of us who seek answers. Thank you to Marcus and friends for sharing with us here. The Conversation:C--: Marcus, I was told that these are usually only seen on...
The AWARE study explores the survival of conciousness beyond clinical death.
Social media is changing how we continue to integrate the dead into our daily lives.
Too Good to Be True - All Dogs Go to Heaven
Early in the season, animal lovers got what they thought was was a wonderful Christmas gift from the Pope: it was widely reported that he believed animals share our afterlife. Unfortunately, the report was wrong and the corrections are not nearly as popular as the incorrect report, so you may not have heard that dogs still don't go to...
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