Don’t Screw Up the Séance!

Physical Mediumship And Associated Phenomena ….One Of The Finest Forms Of Objective Mediumship And One Of The Most Rare Phenomenal phenomena — if you don’t “screw up the séance.” As the book says, “they walk amongst us” (Emma Heathcote James) Mediumship This is suggested to be a science of the mind: a medium raising his consciousness and vibration to link with spirit. Mental mediumship affords no danger to the medium, whilst the level of and accuracy of evidence can be as superb as objective physical mediumship whereby the two worlds meet, one of matter and one of the fine...

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Robin Foy
Robin Foy is best known for his work with the Scole Experiment and is considered one of the original pioneers in physical mediumship using new energy based methodology. He is the author of several books on physical mediumship and is a true expert.

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