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Mary-Anne Kennedy is a Canadian Published Author, Spiritual Teacher, TV Personality, and is one of Canada's Top Mediums. To learn more, visit www.maryannekennedy.ca or www.facebook.com/spiritualmediummaryannekennedy
The Real Reason why Personal Development is Crucial in Mediumship
Mary-Anne Kennedy tells us why personal development is neccessary.
professional mediums
People from all backgrounds and life paths seek out mediumship as an experience worth having.  But mostly, the people who sit with mediums to hear from a loved one in spirit are there because they are searching for a way to cope with grief; they want to know their loved one is okay, and they have messages they’d like...
spirit messages
Messages When you sit with a Medium for a reading, you are bound to hear important messages from your loved ones in spirit. In fact, at least half of the reason spirit shows up at all is to have the opportunity to offer these special pieces of advice or guidance. The other half of the reason spirit wants to connect...
signs from spirit
Our loved ones in the hereafter are with us often, and they try to let us know that. They’re with us when we need or want them to be, or when they want to be here. Aside from special moments like the holidays, weddings, or birthdays, our Spirit loved ones also visit us during mundane times. And it’s usually...
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