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I am a professional Inspirational Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking. I also spent a week supporting an international healer and his workshop. Among my gifts are Clairvoyance (Seeing) Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (feeling), clairgustance (sense of taste) clairessence or clairolfacrience (being aware of smells) addresses and readings in varying degrees of trance when the occasions are due. I have written poetry, books, and spiritual messages by automatic writing. Some of my poems have been published in two compilation books; these are “The Spirit writes” and “Joy of Peace” published by Tudor press. I have been fortunate enough also to have channelled a book directly from Spirit called SUMMERLAND which gives explanations of passing, life on the planes, spirit possession, cot death, mediumship and many other related topics. I have another book of 54 poems called A BOOK OF THOUGHTS. I had been given permission from the Leslie Flint foundation to produce a book of transcriptions of some of Leslie’s work and this is an ongoing project at this time. I am proud to have witnessed his marvellous work first hand. Leslie’s site is: www.leslieflint.com I read most objects, flowers, ink, sand, ribbons, keys, rings, and paper, photo’s etc, etc but do not do Tarot or other Cards as “Cards” but as objects. You are welcome to bring any of those along to a private reading. I can help with relationship issues, spiritual matters, careers, money, self-development, and afterlife questions. I began reading many years ago and have since read very successfully, I have clients from all over the world one or two are internationally known.
leslie flint direct voice medium
Leslie Flint a Mini biography Part 1. A long time ago I was taken by friends to meet Mr Leslie Flint a direct voice medium. Leslie Himself said “I think I can say I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced, I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices...
cause and effect of man
 In this séance Mickey talks about (after some gadding about!) Mans cause and effect not just for the world but also in his effects upon others.In this he also mentions the “fruits” that we bear and whether you believe in manifestation or not there is certainly the imposition of will by some who do not care what kind of...
queen victoria and john brown
Hi all. Many do not know the true story of Queen Victoria and John Brown.Victoria’s medium was Robert James Lees; he was also involved in the Ripper case.When Queen Victoria asked him to be “her medium” He said to her why me you have someone closer to home or similar words. Lees of course meant John Brown.In the cultivation...
Leslie and ME
This is a slightly humorous account from Frederick Ohlson who had as the title points out, “Kicked the Bucket” whilst it’s a good recording, for its content ,it is not I would say something for the general public. We would not want to encourage suicide.the reason being that in his joy in what he finds and in talking amongst...
new energies of mediumship
Throwing it out there – Highly defective thinking?For well over a decade we have lamented the sad, sharp decline in standards of mediumship it is acknowledged in practically every sector and yet this very noticeable decline has not been stopped and it is certainly a question of “Bums on Seats” and money through the door as far as development...
new energies of mediumship
In the formation and using of the new energies which can in the future to show materialisations of spirit in daylight for all to see.
Healing or illness arises out of various needs and that may sound strange but it is a fact that we create our surroundings more specifically in spirit where we organise what difficulties we must incur for the benefit of our spiritual progression, but we also shape, here by means of our freewill and we may say that why would someone want to be ill but that in itself is a condition, isn’t it? Illness manifests for various reasons our inability to cope for example with any given situation and the resultant stress. The fact that we have chosen a life “marred” by illness is a brave choice and so of the most advanced and beautiful souls have chosen lives of complete dependence on others and therefore at the complete mercy of others.
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