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Rev. Kevin Lee is the Senior Minister of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida( www.MetaphysicalChapel.com ), a chartered church with the United Metaphysical Churches (Roanoke. Virginia). He is dedicated to researching and sharing the metaphysical truths of the “Continuity of Life after the change called death”; of spirit communication and its various phenomenal forms; along with helping others to unfold their innate “Gifts of Spirit” as spoken of in the Bible. Rev. Lee was both Ordained as a Minister and certified as a Medium through UMC’s four year seminary program.An avid researcher and experiencer, Rev. Lee has travelled extensively to witness first hand both traditional and exotic forms of Mediumship. In 2014, he began presenting his research: “Precipitation Mediumship: Aspects of Art as Spirit Communication.” Rev Lee is now presenting at various conferences and speaking engagements focused on Afterlife Communication, Mediumship and Research.
Spirit Art
It is certainly the Age of Aquarius! Everyone is interested in the psychic, aren’t they? Nowadays, we find everyone is “a weekend medium/psychic/healer” after completing one perfect course online or at an event or workshop. And often we see, sadly, online writers, commenters and so-called “professional intuitive's” (especially the freshly minted ones!) who know loads more than many of the...
precipitation mediumship
Over 2,000 years ago, three mystical stories began to play out, ultimately were written down and are now a part of the formalized book of letters known as the Bible. Within the stories we find “clues and concepts” that support the core belief of Divine Metaphysicians, Spiritualists and Spiritists worldwide - mainly that of the “continuity of life after...
Precipitation Mediumship
December 2007 was the month my life of spiritual turmoil was powerfully healed. My own little Christmas miracle happened - all due to a 3-inch by 5-inch ( 7.64 centimeter by 12.7 centimeter ) index card covered in colored images and names of family members in the Spirit world.You see, I was born into a very conservative Southern Baptist...
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