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Sidney Schwartz resides in New Jersey and is a retired Middle School teacher and librarian. He has studied mediumship for 43 years, and was a student of Rev. Carl R. Hewitt. Mr. Schwartz served as Assistant Pastor of Gifts of the Spirit Church for many years. In 1984 he produced “The Golden Thread,“ a 10-hour slide documentary discussing Psychic Phenomena and Mediumship in the Bible. Starting in 2002, he was a regular contributor and guest on a cable-access TV show “Making Known the Unknown,” (which now be viewed on YouTube. http://www.gotsc.org/mktu.htm) On Oct. 28, 1979, Mr. Schwartz was certified as a healer and was ordained as a minister on Feb. 25, 2001, through the Gifts of the Spirit Church. Rev. Schwartz became the Pastor of Gifts of the Spirit Church in 2005 after Rev. Hewitt transitioned to the Spirit World. Mr. Schwartz’s interest in mediumship began in 1975 when he had his first mediumistic reading with Rev. Hewitt, who used his clairvoyance to describe Mr. Schwartz’s future and past which included specific details that no one else knew. Rev. Schwartz began his own mediumistic development in 2006, when he attended trance and platform mediumship classes at the Arthur Findlay College (of Mediumship) in Stansted, England. He continues his studies with several mediums in New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Mr. Schwartz has authored nine books: A trilogy of channeled information with Rev. Carl Hewitt, as the medium, which include “My First, Second and Third Encounter with an Angel,” “Crossovers: The Origins of Homosexuality Revealed,” “The Golden Thread: Mediumship in the Bible,” “A Medium’s Diary: The Psychic Events in the Life of Rev. Carl R. Hewitt,” “The Bible as Psychic History: Mediumship in the Bible: An Overview,” “What Moses Saw at the Burning Bush” and “How I survived the Holocaust: Rita Teper Schwartz’s Story.”
I Walk In Two Time Periods
Of the 252 Old Testament translators, most were uneducated in the Gifts of the Spirit. They ignored Saint Paul’s directive to understand psychic science. Are these translators trying to disguise the fact that one could ask a question and receive an answer from Spirit?
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