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August Goforth, a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also an intuitive-mental, contemplative and psychophysical spirit medium. He was given this name as a child by Risen guides and mentors, and uses it here for the sake of his personal privacy and that of his therapy patients. He does not utilize his mediumistic abilities for therapy sessions, nor does he work as a professional medium to give readings for others. This is a professional bias as well as a personal choice, and may serve as an example for other therapists who might be misguided to inappropriately use mediumistic abilities in their work. However, he believes there will be an eventual spiritual evolution of humanity, as enriched by Risen contact, whereby the various human therapies will all successfully and appropriately be able to utilize mediumistic abilities for healing purposes. August is a member of several groups of non-embodied entities who are working to develop approaches of therapeutic support for psychospiritual challenges arising from imbalances between Authentic Self and the ego-mind and its simulate selves.
physical mediumship
Several readers were very interested in hearing about the recent trumpet activity in the sitting we mentioned in the last blog.  Here is a photo of them after the sèance when the lights came back on. Our sittings last for an hour, and about 5 minutes before closing I had thought I had heard a slight shuffling noise on...
Winter Solstice
Milioni di Orvs ~ "Millions of Orbs" © photo by Shannon Taggart, Sardinia 2015 “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus ~ The small mediumship circle that I sit with recently had some development with the two trumpets that are a regular part of the sitting. We always align them with specific positions...
the risen contact
Why ought we to actively and consciously seek contact with the Risen at this time?As far as humanity is concerned, Earthly Natural Evolution, for the most part, has ceased. Nature has brought humanity as far as it can, unaided. Tto proceed any further, humanity must either aid itself and/or seek and accept aid of a supranatural environment. At this...

The Third Ear

the risen
 “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.” ~ Groucho Marx ~Gifted with this column in Afterlife Magazine, (The Otherside Press) I enter this phase of personal development as a messenger for Spirit with feelings of privilege and pleasure, especially knowing that Spirit is orchestrating it. This curious notion of orchestration is the...
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