Are Mediums More Prone to Addiction?

Empaths are intuitive people. The signature characteristic of an empath is the ability to feel and absorb the emotions of others around them. Most mediums would say they are empaths, and while not all empaths are mediums, they share similar qualities.

People seek out mediums because they are lost, lost a loved one, or are in a dark place. As a medium, you probably are affected by negative emotions and negative discussions on a daily basis. After a difficult session, it may be easy to treat yourself to a drink or drug to help forget about the session, or to suppress those emotions. This led me to wonder if empaths or mediums are more prone to substance abuse.

When dealing with the constant bombardment of difficult emotions, empaths are more likely to cling on to something to help focus their energy. Whether this is drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, or eating, the addiction can serve as a protective mechanism to help focus on something rather than the negative emotions.

Either way, it’s important to incorporate healthy coping mechanisms in your life, because experiencing negativity is inevitable. Here are some healthier ways that you can try to focus your energy on something positive after a difficult, emotional session:

Positive Outlets for Negative Emotions-

  • Physical Exercise – It is commonly known that physical exercise is good for releasing stress and helping combat depression. Even if you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be beneficial to take 30 minutes of your day to exercise, especially on those days when you are feeling more negative emotions more than usual. Instead of getting a drink, go for a run!
  • Mental Exercise – Mental exercises like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc. can all help with negative emotions. Many holistic addiction treatment centers have implemented mental exercise to help addicts stay sober. Even businesses have implemented the use of mental exercises to deal with work stress. Use your unique mental powers for your own benefit to better channel your emotions into something positive.
  • Laughter – No joke, there are many benefits of a good laugh. After a long emotional day, it can be beneficial to gather with some good friends, talk with a friend on the phone and laugh off your problems or something completely different. Even watching a funny movie or taking a trip to the local comedy club can help.
  • Get Outside – If the weather is good take advantage of it! Although some people say beautiful days can make them more depressed, there is some science backing the fact that the boost in vitamin D can increase serotonin levels. This does not have to be a form of exercise, this can be done by simply laying out, or people watching at a park.
  • Music – Music therapy is a great way to combat negative emotions and stress or anxiety. Take the time to crank your favorite playlist and dance like nobody is watching. Singing lyrics out loud, or simply getting lost in classical music can be a great way to block or cope with negative emotions.

Drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol may seem like a quick fix but they are exactly that, a quick fix. Taking the time to implement positive healthy activities in your life can reduce your chances of experiencing negative emotions. You’ve chosen a profession seated in empathy, and sometimes you cannot control the emotionality you witness. Negativity can be contagious, and negative thoughts will come, but having these tools in place could keep you from going down a dark path of addiction.

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