Are all ‘Professional’ Mediums the Real Deal?

People from all backgrounds and life paths seek out mediumship as an experience worth having.  But mostly, the people who sit with mediums to hear from a loved one in spirit are there because they are searching for a way to cope with grief; they want to know their loved one is okay, and they have messages they’d like to send and receive.  That being said, it goes hand-in-hand then that people who sit with mediums can often be in an incredibly vulnerable state.
This reality about why most people seek out a medium is what substantiates the legitimate need to study and practice mediumship extensively before going out into this world as a professional medium.  Being the intermediary between the worlds is very rarely cut and dry.  It takes a lot of learning and a lot of experience to represent spirit people with truth, accuracy, skill, and compassion.  
These days it seems there are many mediums who have taken a few weeks of classes and then hang a shingle as ‘professional’.  Sadly, what we often see as a result is weak mediumship, and we also see the nature of spirit and the soul journey misrepresented to the general public.  And in all cases, there is a potentially damaging effect taking place. 
If someone wanted to become an accountant, or a counsellor, or an electrician, they would have to train and learn and practice in order to be qualified and good at it, right? Why should it be any different for a professional Spiritual Medium?  Well, it shouldn’t be.
Most experienced mediums will tell you these days that there are many out there who skip development circles and core teachings, which are absolutely necessary in becoming a well-skilled, heart-centred practitioner. The title “Medium” has become quite coveted with the advent of more mainstream television shows demonstrating mediumship. So flashy in fact that too many people are bypassing the necessary steps required to become a good medium! 
The same reality applies to teaching the practice mediumship.  What we also now see quite often is ill-trained, ill-experienced mediums teaching others from a shallow well, and the result we see from this dynamic is more of the same; ill-experienced and ill-trained mediums who have gone out into the world as professionals long before they should have.  As a professional, you have to take great care of the souls, here and on the other side sometimes, who come to see you when they are feeling broken.  By and large, a few weeks or months of classes does not bring one far enough on the spiritual or soul journey to authentically be in service to others in a way that acknowledges the need for such a high level of care, nor does it develop the capacity to provide it.  
A woman recently wrote to me and said that she’d been to an inexperienced, untrained medium’s live platform event. The ordeal was so poor it led her into a place of total disbelief that we can communicate with spirits at all. There is a price to be paid on a grander scale by hanging a shingle too soon. People’s lives and hearts are at stake – not just those of the people who witness the poor demonstrations, but those of the authentic, legitimate mediums who have made it their life’s work to bridge the gap, bringing healing to this world and the next.  
Mediumship is a sacred act, and not honouring that as truth in a mediumship practice can be called egocentric. The centre of the story in compassionate, heart-based service must be the other, not the self. Meaning, becoming a professional without having built the bridges in one’s own soul development makes the story more about what the medium wants to accomplish as an individual, and not necessarily what others need. More succinctly, serving without learning is self-serving…
So, I have some TIPS for those who have yet to sit with a medium but would like to, or who would like to learn mediumship for themselves: 
  • Make sure you vet people before paying to see them.  Look for published testimonials that are clearly unpaid (many inexperienced mediums will trade a free service in order to receive a trumped up, sensationalized testimonial from someone).  Best of all though, would be to get a referral from someone you know and trust.  Remember: all mediums start out somewhere, so experience as a professional doesn’t HAVE to be vast in order for the medium to be good at what they do. However, if you are exchanging dollars for a service, best to know that someone is the real deal – either by reading what others have to say, or following your heart (and gut)…
  • It’s a good idea to try having many mediumship experiences so you can discern between good, strong mediumship, and weak demonstrations that don’t prove very much. 
  • When looking for a spiritual mentor or teacher, look for experience.  A person who has only had a relatively short time in mediumship practice simply has not had the quantity and likely not the quality of readings from which to guide you in knowledgeable way.  So much of what is learned in advanced practice and finessing the practice of mediumship happens through sheer practice and volume of professional sittings.  If someone doesn’t have vast experience, their ability to teach YOU will be limited by their own insubstantial experience.
Depending on what you are hoping to experience by sitting with a medium (e.g., just an interest you have, or a profound opportunity to connect with a loved one in spirit, etc.), you could even have an encounter that causes emotional harm.  I can’t tell you how many times in my practice I’ve had someone sit with me and say something like, “another Medium told me my loved one must be stuck somewhere and that’s why they couldn’t get a lot of information from them…”. “Is that true – are they okay?  I’m worried.”  Oh boy.
Experiences that leave one disempowered or fearful are almost always chock-full of a medium’s lack of skill, or compassion, or understanding – or all three.  Sitting with or learning from a reputable medium is one of the safest ways to avoid a potential encounter like this.
So, best advice is to do your homework when selecting a practitioner or a teacher, and, most importantly, ask your heart if the person you’re considering is the right fit for you at this time.  
There are so many wonderfully-talented and legitimate mediums out there.  But not everyone working as a professional has the background and experience to really, actually, help you. 

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