“Angel Healing Made Easy

“Angel Healing”

To help evolve your consciousness and empower your physical health and wellbeing”

“For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” Psalm 91:11 (NIV)

Higher Power (Oneness)

Your spiritual relationship to your guardian angel can help you to connect to a higher power and your own higher-self nature/consciousness. This higher power can be thought of as “God”, for God is the Creator of the angels, in the same way that He is the Creator of us. God’s Power and Light is always contained within us, as we are all sparks of light originating from the ONE Source of cosmic, universal and Divine Power. Your Guardian Angel is God’s messenger – they take your prayers to God to be heard and then answered. Your prayers are always answered in a way that will always be for your greatest good. Sometimes this means that you do not receive what you have asked for.

Your guardian angel’s most important task is to help you to awaken your consciousness to your higher-self nature and divine heritage. When you begin to acknowledge and trust in a higher power to help guide you throughout your life (co-creation), then you will come to see remarkable changes occur, along with improved health and happiness. Therefore complete healing begins with acknowledging ‘who you truly are’ (a divine spark/light of God). You are so much more than just a body/mind individual with a physical anatomy. You are also a soul and a spiritual being with an energetic and spiritual anatomy.

Connecting with your Guardian Angel

Your guardian angel is already in tune with your consciousness prior to your birth. All you need to do is to consciously re-align with their vibrational frequency. You can then bring more of their angelic light (knowledge/wisdom/guidance) into your daily life experience. To re-align with them you simply need to hold a sincere heartfelt intention to connect with them. When you add to this a clear mental intention of silently asking your guardian angel to help you, then you have the perfect outcome for success. By doing both, you automatically unify the energies of your heart and your head to come into agreement as one.

This enables your soul’s light to become harmonized with your guardian angel’s beautiful vibration. It truly is that simple. Your heart and your head agreeing as one perfect rhythm instantly aligns and harmonizes both hemispheres of your brain to help you to create the perfect energetic space and frequency to receive higher intuitive guidance. You will then consciously begin your path of soul evolution and whole body healing. The following information includes healing struggles and addictions with Archangel Michael, followed by a very powerful angel healing prayer.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is an extraordinary angel who embodies God’s divine truth, divine power/strength and divine faith. You can ask this magnificent Archangel to help you break free of your struggles and addictions. You can accomplish all things in God’s Light, as remember that God has given His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Archangel Michael’s divine light frequency is royal blue, and it is this potent royal blue light that contains God’s divine intelligence and instructions that will begin to merge with your own consciousness to help correct any dysfunctional patterns/habits back into harmony with divine truth. Archangel Michael’s Light will help to enlighten and support you in your path to healing and wholeness. Your Guardian Angel will always work in harmony with the mighty power of Archangel Michael to help guide you to the right people, situations and opportunities that can also help you to win though your addictive struggles. You can use the following angel healing prayer to help spiritually support you to overcome any kind of addiction:

Addiction Angel Healing Prayer

“Archangel Michael, please light up my consciousness with God’s royal blue divine light frequency of His perfect truth, courage and strength of will. I am struggling with an addiction to (state addiction) and need divine help to overcome my unbalanced desires. I now willingly release my struggle, desire and addiction over to God. I allow the divine light of truth to completely transform me, and the divine power of courage and strength to steady my will. I am ready to be fully present in my life without fear. I am ready to express the greatness of my soul without suppression. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”


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