An Extraordinary Journey By Stewart Alexander

I wanted to write this myself and not because Stewart is a Prominent Member of the ASSMPI, but because when this book was first released it quickly became a modern answer to aged old traditions and somewhat of a bible of reference. This book is one of the many that I would term as a necessary research into physical mediumship and other avenues of mediumship.

There are many questions that mediums, skeptics and researchers ask and oftentimes the answers allude even the most experienced of these individuals. This book goes a long way to closing that divide and answers the many related questions such as;

“Why are seances held in the dark?” and “Is it possible to have a dark room seance and negate any fraud?” or even simple questions such as how does physical mediumship work? There are so many examples, anecdotes and eye opening statements weaved into what I can only define as one of the greatest works in mediumship to date.

Stewart Himself has been scientifically tested and no evidence of fraud has every been found. A notoriously private man, he has dedicated over 40 years to the development of this form of mediumship and has given service to those who are grieving and to those researching the afterlife. Many of the examples of his mediumship and of his spirit team will make you think and probably gasp with disbelief at what is possible.

During an interview, Stewart has said that “Over the past forty-two years, I have been a historian of our movement—particularly in respect of physical mediumship. I saw this book as my final opportunity to comment about issues which are, or should be, of interest to all Spiritualists.” If you are a student of physical mediumship, researcher or a developing medium in your own home circle, this is the book for you. It should be on the book shelf of every serious spiritualist.

Stewart is a man of integrity and a very spiritual man, his dedication to doing the right thing by spirit and the people is to be admired. Personally, I will count him as one of the many great teachers whom I am honored to know and befriend.

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