An Encounter of Encouragement

In September of 2013 I had a wonderful personal experience of the power and awe of spirit. Let me give you some information that is important to set the scene for my own wondrous spiritual encounter.
It began with a visit to Brisbane from the physical medium David Thompson and mental medium and tutor Christine Morgan. I was excited for the forthcoming events to be able to see David do a trance performance and also to have the privilege of sitting in séance with him and to do a one-day workshop with Christine.
The first event was David’s trance demonstration and this was held on a Friday night. It was a fantastic display of trance but was a reasonably late night which left me feeling quite tired as I live quite a distance from the venue. The following morning, I had to be out of bed very early to head to Christine’s one-day workshop which was a couple of hours drive for me. I met up with friends on the way and we shared a car. The banter kept me going on the journey as I was feeling quite drained.
The workshop got underway and we did work in pairs as well as Christine answering many questions. I found my energy levels were very low and got worse as the day wore on. In the afternoon, we were asked to form pairs again to do mediumship but we should not work with anyone we knew. This was a mammoth task as I knew the majority of the students and found myself at one end of the room without a partner while another lady at the other end of the room was in the same predicament.
Christine said we should work together and I said “But we know each other pretty well.” Christine told us it didn’t matter as we would both be reading for David who up to this point had been quietly reading his paper at the side of the room.
Can you imagine the nerves that then invaded my space coupled with being so tired? I have to read for one of the best physical mediums in the world, Eee Eek! So as a consequence, I did not do a very good reading for David. I was feeling upset with my lack of connection and my pride was a bit dented as we headed back onto the very large circle for some more questions and answers. This is where things really went awry for me.
Christine spoke of sitting for spirit and after a certain amount of weeks you will start to get images and so forth. I told her that I had been sitting for about ten months but do not see in this state and I enquired as to whether I was doing it correctly. She told me that she would have to see me sit to determine that.
The day left me in tatters as I questioned if I was even a medium at all. My friends tried to reassure me on the drive home, but my confidence was badly shaken at this stage. On arriving home, I contacted my mentor and told her what had transpired and she too tried to reassure me that I was with spirit when I worked. I felt marginally better after that conversation but still felt low.
Monday night came and I was sitting in séance with David and what an amazing experience for all present. Being able to converse with a fully materialised spirit person changed my believing something is real to knowing it undeniably. The course of this séance proved so much to me that it changed my world.

The following Saturday night I went to bed and it was a hot night so I had a pedestal fan going in my bedroom and only a sheet over me. I was awakened in the night by my phone making text message beeps and after checking that there was no message (spirit had been using my phone to let me know they were around so I was used to it) I went back to sleep. Again I was awakened from a deep sleep by my phone making noises and after checking that nothing was there I sleepily told spirit that it was great that they could do that but how about doing something more substantial.
It seemed that I got my wish. I immediately heard an external whisper about a foot and a half from my ear. I was super excited thinking that maybe my own clairaudience was kicking in. The next thing to happen was that I felt a buzzing feeling around my head and I was thinking that was pretty cool. My sheet was then drawn from me and I started to feel a bit apprehensive as I lay there, but at the same time I knew I was safe with spirit.
At this time, I was lying on my left-hand side on the left side of the bed but not for long. I was physically moved by spirit to further down the bed and onto my back where I lay with my whole body feeling alive and animated. It seemed to me that my very cells were huge and radiating. I have to say that I was feeling a little overwhelmed with it all at this stage and dared not move. My heart was thumping away as I laid there in the darkness.
Presently I heard a female voice speaking to me from the other side of the bed so I rolled over and discovered that I could see her perfectly in the darkness. She looked to be about forty years of age and was a beautiful looking lady with good skin, long dark brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes that stood out to me. She was wearing a long dress that reminded me of 70’s era evening dress.
To say now that I was gobsmacked would be an understatement! It seemed to take me a moment to find my own voice and ask her if she was one of my guides to which she replied that she was. She said her name was Kim. Now in my state of awe, I never thought to ask her questions which retrospectively I should have. I would have loved to know how she guided me and what other guides I had and where I was headed with my mediumship etc.
Kim had to go and we said our goodbyes and I settled myself into my normal sleeping position but of course I was far too wired to sleep. My phone went once more and then that was that. I did notice lying there in the wee small hours how dark the night seemed to be. There was literally no light at all filtering through my curtains which were very unusual and even my lovely blue decorative fairy lights that operate from solar power were out too.
The next evening as I was tucking my daughter into bed she mentioned that sometime after I had gone to bed the previous night the lights had gone out. My daughter has a night light in her room which had gone out and there were no lights when she turned on the switches. I realised that spirit must have pulled on the electricity to create the power needed to give me their own form of reassurance that I really was a medium. I believe that they were most certainly encouraging me to continue my development and to not have so much self-doubt as they were there with me.
From that night I have not doubted that I do have ability as a medium and I continue to develop in the hope that I might be able one day to offer proof of survival to others in the way that spirit has given it to me.

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